Meaning of Luke 9:49,50

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  • truthlover123

    Thanks everyon e for your feedback-- good reasonings for my mind to mull over

    There is so much that is not making sense to me aymore.. I am seeing everything in a different light

  • joe134cd

    I guess the question here is? What is Gods preferred method in dealing with mankind. If you were watchtower you would say it was by been in the one true organisation, and by adhering to the dictates of that organisation.


    Dose he work through individuals who operate individually of each other. I guess there are arguments for both sides.

    For me when I stand before Jehovah and Jesus on judgment day, I believe I will stand before him on my merits as an individual and my relationship with them.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Jesus made it clear that he did not want a hierarchical structure to carry his message. God has always been against the consolidation of power derived from some sort of global cabal.

    Starting with the Tower of Babel, God was against globalism. Today their are hundreds of thousands of individually run churches. We used to criticize this arrangement as JW's. But the reason God wants this diffusion is apparent: If a particular association goes apostate and heretical, the damage is limited.

    The structure is very flat, compartmentalized, and resistant to fundamental change. A fundamental change would be something like Mary is a co-mediator with Christ; or teaching that Jesus isn't the Mediator for the average Christian today. Mormons teach that unless you go through their priesthood, there is no salvation.

    But, it could be something much simpler, like some local pastor imagining himself as an apostle receiving new and direct doctrinal revelations from God. Or, maybe some pastor does something to hurt a lot of people. In these cases, the congregation can get rid of him and and the damage is localized.

    Jesus obviously encouraged individual acts of faith without coming under some ecclesiastical authority first.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The Bible is truly "an old fiddle on which any tune can be played". It means/says whatever you want it to mean/say. that's why there are 35,000 christian denominations! 85% of religious people "chose" the religion of their parents.

    Wonder why?

    just saying!

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