Bad things happen in spiritual paradise

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    ALL type of things happen within the WTBTS; lead by and filled with ALL imperfect people, nothing that happens there should be surprising whatsoever.

    Rumor has it of young couples in the Spanish congs around here exchanging spouses and horrible entanglements relating to who the real father is for certain of the ladies in the ring who became pregnant, which lead to big cover-ups.

    Pure evidence that no crazy religious belief can counter our sinful, sexual, imperfect human condition.


  • steve2

    If Witnesses heard of this kind of convoluted, love triangle debacle happening in other churches/ religions they'd use it as a basis for denouncing the other churches/ religions as false and of Satan.

    Funny how it never crosses the minds of those in the video that all the shenanigans in the private lives of local JWs simply shows theirs is just another religion, despite the lofty claims.

  • Vidiot

    Here's a novel thought...

    ...if bad things happen in a "spiritual paradise", it's not a spiritual paradise.

  • steve2

    I notice that the (apparently still active) JWs in the program sound a little on the superficial side in terms of relationships.

    The young JW woman who meets and falls in love with the young JW man and who learn - just before their own marriage - that her JW mother and his JW father have "eloped" and married expressed no more than the level of surprise you'd see in non-Witnesses. No expressed concern over the older couple bringing reproach on Jehovah's name.

    This young couple then marry and within two years they have separated and eventually divorce - and no mention of Scriptural grounds for divorce and/or elders investigation. How did this happen?

    Then as this young JW woman talks about her now murdered mother she talks fondly of re-establishing her relationship with her mother with no evidence whatsoever that the mother had repented and returned to the organization.

    From a strictly JW view, how could the young woman re-establish contact with her mother who evidently had divorced her first husband on unscriptural grounds?

    Unexplained also is how this young woman's murdered mother went from insisting on home schooling for her children in the recent past to simply walking out of her marriage - and taking everyone by surprise (even her ex-husband who wasn't a JW could not account for her leaving).

    It sounds like some retrospective glossing-over occurs in the program. Either that or the protagonists were "only" superficially identified as JWs. And what stands out is the way in which they young adults come across as superficial as they air their dirty laundry in public.

    I have a feeling that JWs in good standing who watch this will be left feeling very awkward by and judgemental of the calibre of individuals who participated in this sensationalist dirty-laundry program.

  • jaydee

    Can't watch it ,....says ' this video is private ' ..

  • AudeSapere
    Dang! I watched half of the video a few days ago. Now it's marked 'private' and I cannot see the remaining 20 minutes.

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