I did it finally.....

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  • SheilaM

    Tex- I have an innie and it really didn't hurt much, we always go the same place (I have two tattoo's) so we know the piercing guy. The anxiety was worse than the pain when he did it I said 'That's it" Geesh

    Dottie- Hun, I thought I told you, sorry I hadn't been out in so long and I wanted it to heal before we leave for vacation in May. LOL

    Lyin: Hey I have a jellyroll too but he said that he has pierced woman that were 70 and so chubby he had to guess where the belly button might have once been ROFLMAO That made me feel better LOLSo you can do it!

    Gumby: LOL your too much

    Querty- as soon as I tan this white tummy I'll snap a pick but right now it would blind you LOL

    Calamity- That is so cuteOn the tattoo's I recommend you see the artists' work don't get it done in a tourist trap(they suck) mine has kept the color and was more expensive but well worth it.

    Shutterbug: LOL Ringworm hmmm I hope Thunder doesn't call me that LOL

    Animal: Shhhh don't give him any ideas

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    With regards to Sheila's belly button... Yea it's sexy.
    With regards to her posting a pic.... Don't hold your breath.
    With regards the size of my arms... all the better to hold my SheilaM
    With regards to a leash... I've always said that the prettier the girl the shorter the leash, SheilaM is currently strapped to my back!


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