Would you ride this rollercoaster?

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  • joannadandy

    I've always wanted to go to Cedar Point...this sounds freaking COOL AS HELL!! I am all about puketacular rides! I am a firm believer that I can't have fun unless I wet myself.

  • Derrick
    Re: Would you ride this rollercoaster?

    Don'tcha love a meaty metaphor. To answer your question posed in the subjectline of this topic, let's suppose you had ridden the rollercoaster in Paradise World Theme Parks for years. One day you learn its old, rickety and poorly maintained tracks have a high probability of abrupt failure. There are even disturbing news articles about some who have flown off the tracks and landed in the crowds 100 feet below. Is it not only wise and even prudent under these circumstances to discontinue your favorite ride it until such time as it is properly maintained and operating safely?

    Let the reader use discernment...


  • qwerty

    WOW 120 MPH and 400 high!..........I would like to stand and have a look first! LOL

    I thought this was High, it's at Blackpool " resort" not far from Simon..............

    The Big One - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    235ft from the ground on the windswept Irish Sea coast at Blackpool pleasure beach is where you'll find the peak of the Pepsi Max Big One... and it's very high, and very exposed.

    This coaster has had it's track modified twice (so far) since it was opened, the first drop has been radically altered, and the main turnaround has been tightened and smoothed out - the original Arrow trains have apparently also been rebuilt by European manufacturer Vekoma - not that there is any visible difference between them.

    This is a very violent ride - especially the extremely steep twisted first drop - from anywhere except the very front row you cannot see the track, and it feels like you are falling into nothing as the train twists away under you. This is one of the very few rides of which gives me a true feeling of fear. The rest of the ride is a series of turns and dips, which is improving as changes are made to sections of the ride, but nothing matches that awesomely scary drop.

    From the front row, my initial reaction to the first drop was along the lines of "there is no way this train is going to take that..." - the overbanked diving drop just looks impossible - and it's very very scary...

    The 235ft lift towering about the Irish sea coast feels very very vunerable as you climb upwards, the wind blowing around you, before that drop...

    Hopefully the park will make further modifications to improve the later half of the ride, which, as yet has remained untouched whereas most of the "out" run along the seafront has been considerably modified.

    A good ride - certainly worth riding, if only for that amazing drop


  • safe4kids

    Oh yeah baby yeah!!!! Bring it on!!! I LOVE rollercoasters (strange coz I'm a wimp about most everything else) and that one sounds like it would be incredible.

    My dream vacation would be to travel the US and other countries to find and ride the best rollercoasters...I just need to win the lottery first


  • Englishman

    I love roller coaters too. I want to try this new one at Alton Towers. Apparently, it's a face-down affair, something completely different:


  • DanTheMan


    Your pic doth not showeth me lad.


    Cedar Point is the ultimate rollercoaster amusement park. The addition of the new one that is the subject of this thread will bring the total to 16. There are several rollercoasters there that would be "main attractions" at other parks, but because they are at Cedar Point they are dwarfed by the more outrageous ones they have. The nice thing about that is that there are little to no lines at these smaller 'coasters, and they are pretty good rides in their own right. (Except the Magnum XL - don't waste your time on this one if you go, it is the most punishing rollercoaster I have ever been on. They had to slow it way down after it's first year of operation, and it still was awful after that.)

    I first learned about the rollercoaster that is the subject of this thread by way of an article in Time Magazine. The article also mentioned another rollercoaster making it's debut this summer (I forget where). It has a unique feature in that the main drop, instead of being a straight 90 degree drop, actually goes past vertical, it is angled at 95 degrees. Talk about puketacious!



  • Aztec

    Hey I am not too far from Cedar Point so I could meet you there Dan...I'll be on the kiddie rides! ;) ~Aztec

  • DanTheMan


    Yeah, being from Detroit you actually are probably closer to CP than I am.

    BTW, you still planning on attending the Cincinnati Apostafest in April? I will probably be there.

  • Aztec

    Of course I am going to Cinci in April Dan! It was my idea to begin with...Oh my! How many people are gonna show up? We are meeting up on the weekend of the 26th-27th. I think most of us are staying in a Holiday Inn in Ft. Mitchell Kentucky. We'll see...I'd love to meet you Dan! ~Aztec

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