New light! (2002 Awake! now "old light")

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  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    Old light:

    "For the edges of the walls and ceiling, we plan to use a broad paint brush. Then, we will use rollers to paint the big surfaces." (g02 8/22 27)

    As of the August 2018 monthly broadcast, this is now "old light"; you should not use a "broad" brush or "roller" - elders will dictate the brush width, up to 2 inches.

    ELDERS ONLY SECTION (Not to be read to the congregation)
    Please be reminded that, if a body of elders wants to apply paint to any part of a Kingdom Hall, they should contact the LDC representative to request approval. If approval is granted, the LDC will decide the colour and type of paint and give direction on specific brush bristle width. May we remind you that this is an opportunity to display "Courage!" by loyally following all directions, no matter how ridiculous they may sound from a human standpoint. (Violators of compliance will be lovingly deleted from their roles of elders, and possibly lovingly shunned.)
    We take this opportunity to send you our warm Christian love and greetings.
  • SadElder

    Sounds just like a real dub memo. Reminds me of all those notebooks at Bethell for home cleaning, wall washing, etc, and on and on they go.

  • Diogenesister

    2 inches is rapidly becoming the newest exjw meme!!!

  • blisterfeet

    But we are not painters. We are delivered a direct message from painters, you can’t handle it, but not “inspired” because sometimes we paint outside of the lines.. but we only do what the painters tell us..

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