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  • Elsewhere

    Everyone will have to bear with me here... I don't know much about car sound systems...

    The factory stereo on my car went out so I went to Best Buy and had them install a new stereo (Sony CDX-MP40). One of the things that they sales guy was very proud of was the fact that the face plate comes off. He said that this is to help prevent theft.

    My question is this: How does removing the face plate discourage someone from stealing the stereo? It seems to me that the thief could simply buy a replacement from the manufacturer for far less than the value of the stereo, still resulting in a great deal for him.

  • SixofNine
    It seems to me that the thief could simply buy a replacement from the manufacturer for far less than the value of the stereo


  • SheilaM


    When we lived in Mass. I use to joke that I never had to clean my windows on my car, cause the B******* use to bust the windows. Anyways, after three stereo's being yanked and me not turning it into the insurance company, cause my gosh we were paying enough. I bought a stereo with a removable faceplateit did the job no more thieves in the middle of the night. Also Thunder installed it with razor blades just incase they wanted to steal the box LOL

  • animal

    If it was that easy, they wouldnt make them to prevent theft. The radio is useless without the origional face.


  • animal

    We used to duct tape razor blades under the dash... works great. Aint nothing better than to park the car with the windows open and see blood on your floor the next morning.


  • Simon

    The radio will only work with *that* face and there should be some security around getting a new one

    It works by:

    making what they would otherwise steal useless

    Hiding the radio itself - som have a blank / blank face that looks like a blanking plate

    Personally ... I think you can't beat the naff, built int, only-fits-that-model, basic stereo that you get with the car - you're in a car after all so sound quality is never going to be HiFi so what is the point spending a lot on it?!

  • animal

    Agreed simon.... I only listen to talk radio myself, so I go cheap.


  • Elsewhere

    You guys have convenced me... off goes the face plate!

    Razor blades under the dash huh? Hmmm alt

  • pr_capone

    I have a $3000 dollar system in my car including a removable faceplate.... I never take it off anymore. I used to religiously when I first got it but after a while you will get sick of carrying it everywhere with you so you will begin to put in under the seat. With time, even that will get old and you will just leave it on all the time.

    As for theft protection? I know people who still steal the stereos without a faceplace for one of two reasons. Either just to piss off the car owner, or they know someone who works at an audio shop that can get them a new faceplate for free or s very slight cost. In order to order JUST a faceplate, you need to be an authorized dealer. Any faceplate will work as long as its the same model.

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  • Elsewhere

    Uhhh ohhhh... I totally skipped the "carry around" phase and went straight for the "stick it under the seat" phase.

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