Elder gossip

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  • tim3l0rd

    It's also a byproduct of them being kept so busy that they have very little time outside of the meetings, elders meetings, shepherding calls, and prepping for all of the former. Thus they mostly form relationships with the only people they spend a lot of time with, other elders. This leads to a clique and a better-than-the-rest attitude that just serves to distance them from others in the congregation. This is exponentially worse if the elder is also involved with RBC/LDC, assembly coordination, bethel projects, etc.

    If they instead focused on the congregation and forming friendships with all in the congregation, then they would push far fewer out of the congregation. The WTS is too arrogant to realize that their current formula is not working. All the better for those of us who are already awake and waiting for our families to join us!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Welcome Jumongi! Yes that is a common observation. After all, they aren't there to be your friend, those days seem long gone, they're there primarily as GB enforcers nowadays.
  • BluesBrother

    Have to agree with the above criticisms of elders (in the main)

    Eldership is a cozy boys club. As in a big firm you have stepped up to "management" when you are appointed and the whole attitude, the whole religion is different. The WTS creates this by keeping them busy with things and at meetings there were,in my day , always people to see and arrangements to be made & that stopped you having the time to mingle with the brothers as one would have liked..Nowadays, electronic communication ought to have improved this but I don't see it.

    NB the OP,Welcome to the board BTW, missed the most common reason to be chased by an elder "Have we had your monthly report?"

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The elders do seem to definitely be the muscle of the congregation. Enforces in a way, I'm sure it feels like a special club. The elder's wives are very, very privy and are very influential.
  • NewYork44M

    I was an elder for several years. What struck me was their feeling of self importance. In any gathering you will always see two elders in the "stance;" Hovering over each other in a quite conversation - but with the look of self importance - "look at us we are soooo important." The analogy I have is when cell phones were just starting - the person with the cellphone made sure everyone knew that he (they were always men) was so important that the conversation couldn't wait to get to a pay phone.

    When I saw two elders hovering over each other in self-important talk I made sure I moved to the other side of the hall.

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