2015 Annual meeting program

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  • DesirousOfChange

    There will be 3 songs released at annual meeting:

    • Light in a darkened world
    • It means their life
    • Preparing to preach


    • Give 'til it Hurts


  • rege  brazzy
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    I second that.

  • TheWonderofYou

    It could be a good occasion to a new understanding of the "DARKENED WORLD". The biblical related teachings that Satan is the lord of the all kingdoms of the WORLD, and that even more after thrown out of heaven unto earth .

    I assume they will say that the term WORLD is a picture for the general evil and the rebellous mind against god in the hearts of people, but thereis not a literal "Satans world Organisation" that is connectable to certain worldpowers or kingdoms or religion, its symolic prophecy.

    The world is now darkened because gods name is not any more in the mind of the most.

    The governments, worldempires are reigning of gods grace, in the bible daniel used the worldpower symbolically.

    Working together with governors and UN. for security freedom of religion and human rights does not mean whorshipping the beast.we respect the efforts of all government.

    Even the wild beast has a good side, in it is good and evil as i any government and in any man. Its a symbol of the eternal fight against evil in the world, and own unresponsibility.

    Our fight is not against against any literal government or the UN but against the symolic rebellious behaviour for which the Daniels worldpower and in the story of jesus seduction by satan offering him all kingdoms, are symbols.

    So a new understanding of daniels statue as symbolic, as well as Satan possessing all kindoms, satans organisation and the term "world" as symbolic. Dont be afraid God is always king.

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