How many Watchtower properties still to sell in Brooklyn yet?

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Selling property is always, and always will be bad business.

    The Rebel.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Check out this google search... apparently, the red dots mean "closed/consolidated"..... Can you believe how MANY properties they own?

    Check out how many are conveniently located "down by the seaside."

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    How does WT explain 'why' they are 'consolidated' / 'closed'? Notice that when they "quote" publishers/ pioneers that are explaining a potentially 'negative' situation, they simply use a " A Witness in Africa, who was reassigned to the preaching activity, wrote:" (instead of "oh, I have now been kicked out on the street & have to go to work and support myself now, and pretend I am happy with this")

    When you read "life stories" in the WT or AW, they give their middle name, maiden name, place of birth, relatives, congregation info, how many years of service, and sometimes the name of their dogs (haha)...

  • LV101
    Thanks, appreciate info, James Jack.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    My o my, all that tax free land for sale. It just begs one to wonder, where is all this money going. A congregational lump sum each month, from worldwide,yet still is not enough. wow.
  • LevelThePlayingField

    Something's not making sense. GB said during their borgcast that with even the sales of their buildings they still don't have enough money. Like the other posts ask, with *&#@ is all the money going?!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Image result for show me the money~


    Maybe if enough write and demand an audited statement of their accounts before they contribute anything further, WT will get the "hint". Of course, signing your name will get you a "shepherding" visit. But anonymous letters wouldn't hurt. If they were flooded with mail, they'd get the point. (Congressmen do.)

    (My decision would still be NO MORE MONEY, but I'd love to see the accountant's report.)


  • Simon

    All that renovation work ... no doubt done with free "we thought we were serving god" labor.

    Nice money making real-estate operation.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "Nice money making real-estate operation."

    Well, it was... :smirk:

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The poignancy of that May 2015 broadcast was something off the charts. Directly asking for money by that guy. If the average JW doesn't think that something is wrong, they gotta wake up!!

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