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  • JT


    When I was at Bethel these were the folks who were often known as BETHEL HEAVIES - while we were known as bethLITES


    The Freedom to Think means:

    "I'd rather have Questions that I can't Answer ----Than Questions, I can't Ask.

    (or Answers that I can't Question)."

    at Watchtower Headquarters as of 8/15/00

    (Does not include many support persons)
    John (Jack) Barr: Writing Dept. Overseer
    Karl Klein: Assistant Writing Dept. Overseer
    John Wischuck
    Sam Buck
    Colin Quackenbush
    Cyril Chain
    Gene Smalley
    Eric Beveridge
    Joe Eames
    Bob Pevy
    David Iannelli
    Lee Waters
    Manfred Vancebi
    Jim Pellechia
    Danny Black
    Natheer Salih
    George Aljian
    Steve Johnson
    Mike Gietler
    John Wiegel
    Dean Songer
    Ciro Aulicino
    Richard Potter
    Writing Correspondence Personnel, Patterson, NY (Incomplete)
    Ray Richardson
    Jagdish Patel
    J. R. Brown

    Executive Office Personnel, Brooklyn, NY

    Theodore Jaracz
    Milton Henschell
    Gerrit Losch
    Albert Schroeder
    David Sinclair
    Robert Wallen
    Don Adams
    David Mercante
    Harold Jackson
    Rick Rittenbach
    Brett Cox
    Chris. Mavor
    Charles Molohan

    Service Department Personnel, Patterson, NY

    Charles Woody: Coordinator
    Wm. Van De Wall: Asst. Coordinator
    William Young
    Merton Campbell
    Robert Johnson
    Joel Adams
    Harley Miller
    David Olson
    Leon Weaver
    Dan Barnes
    Alan Shuster
    Ralph Schaefer
    Ernest Williams
    Tom Miles
    Aleman Francisco

    Legal Department Personnel, Patterson, NY (Incomplete)

    Philip Brumley: Coordinator
    Gregory Olds
    Don Ridley
    Carolyn Wah
    Charles Creger
    Joseph Jandrokovic

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  • Roamingfeline

    Thanks for the info... I noticed only one woman in all that....


  • Geoff

    My cousin works in the legal department directly under Don Ridely I think. When where you there? How long and why did you leave?

  • RR

    I know, or should say Knew Lee Waters, served in the same congregation with his moms, Corine who died some years ago!

    Religion is man's attempt to reach God,
    Jesus is God's attempt to reach man.

  • JT


    I would like to welcome you to this board- hold on tight for the ride can get rough at times- but if you do your research you will find some very interesting things here that you will never find at the Hall

    the key thing you will find on the net is if a statement is made it can and will be challenged unlike at the hall the avg bro simply says

    "Cause the Society says so"

    well I hate to be the one to break the bad news here that doesn't work to well

    instead well documented points are ones key to either standing or falling here

    now to address your questions

    My cousin works in the legal department directly under Don Ridely

    #######I just might know him- smile######

    When where you there? How long and why did you leave?

    I was there doing the most of the 80's and i left to get married

    i would like to welcome you to the board-

    i enjoyed your post on dunlap, but i will share a couple of things with you that you may want to consider as well

    i'll put it under that post as soon as i get a chance perhaps tonight

    welcome again


    "I'd rather have Questions that I can't Answer ----Than Questions, I can't Ask.(or Answers that I can't Question)."

  • nojw86

    Hi JT thanks for the info. Would the John Wiegel in the writing be the brother of Stan Wiegel..nojw

  • TMS

    Two close personal friends, who served at Bethel in the 50's discouraged me from making Bethel my goal.

    Charlie M. was a "Grizzly Adams" sort, who at the age of 14 would spend a whole week in the woods, tenting, hunting and fending for himself. He was soft-spoken, intelligent and a deep lover of Jehovah. His parents were Regular Pioneers, although his dad was legally blind.

    Charlie resigned from Bethel about 1959 and returned to the northwest. He said very little about Bethel life, but simply said: "This is an organization of imperfect people." He told me: "XXX, you can do a lot more good at people's door with the Bible in your hand."

    Another close friend, George P., was at Bethel in the early 50's, suffering a breakdown. Today, he would be called bi-polar. He remained an intermittant witness for a number of years, but did not recommend Bethel service to me.

    My impression was that serving at Bethel de-mystified the organization to young men, putting everything on almost a secular level. I believe, subconsiously, this was why I never wanted to visit Bethel,(although I did stop briefly as a teen-ager after the 1958 assembly.)

    The stories, anecdotes, juicy tidbits(Harley Miller's colored shirts in the 70's)flowing out of the Society's headquarters made we wince.

    Let the Bethel boys print the books. I'll just place and explain them.


  • Tanalyst

    jt, thanks for the list, One on the list stands out in my memory, he,s in Service Dept.

    Some 23 years ago at bethel a bro. who worked with him told me how Bro.X told him how he wished he could leave Bethel but felt he was too old to find a job on the outside. Now its some 20 years later and he's still there.What a waste.

  • crossroads

    JT- Do you know how many on the writing dept. are
    of the so-called FDS? Or if anyone else here has that
    info could you relate it.

  • outnfree


    I've met one on the writing commmittee, Jim Pellechia, and he does not profess to be one of the anointed.

    He was/is an elder in my inactive friend's congregation in NJ. When she became inactive and discouraged after her daughter was disfellowshipped for smoking, I called him out of desperation because she had deep respect for him. He was very sweet and asked me what I'd like him to do. I asked him to call on her, because she viewed him with great affection. I am pleased to report that he did so. A few weeks later he visited her, and the result was that she began attending meetings again (I considered this a 'success' at the time!).
    During the course of our conversation, he asked how I "came into the Truth." Came to find out that the sister who studied with my fleshy sister was a good friend of Jim's. She was now living in California, could he give her my address? I said yes. (She did write me later.)

    A few months later, perhaps, Bro. Pellechia invited my girlfriend to attend a party he and his family were holding for a niece (I believe) who had gotten her nursing degree. The party was at Bethel at a time when I was back East for a visit. Who do you think my girlfriend asked to come along for the evening? Me. I went. It was at the Bossert -- beautifully restored. Bro. Pellechia & I never let on that we had ever spoken by phone.


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