UK congregations transferred more than £4 million during 2015-17 to Watchtower HQ

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  • darkspilver

    freddo: Charity Commission rules (I believe) only say accounts have to be submitted and made public if INCOME exceeds £25,000 (used to be £10,000) in any one year.

    Yeah, appears that accounts only need to be submitted and made public in the financial years that INCOME exceeds the threshold.

    There is no reporting threshold for SPENDING?

    That's kinda interesting, partly because I'd have thought in terms of 'charity-use' - outgoings are more important (what is it spend on?) than income (where did it come from?)

    If you look at the Accounts summary for Wrexham East - they needed to make public accounts in 2014 as INCOME over threshold, but they did NOT need to make public accounts the following year in 2015 as their INCOME was under the threshold even though SPENDING was over £100,000 that year.

    Wrexham East Congregation Of Jehovahs Witnesses

  • freddo

    Yep darkspilver ...

    Look at Clevedon's in and out for the last year - £19K in, £66K out ... they don't even have a KH anymore! Of course they did have savings for a new KH which would have built up (without showing on the CC accounts) a nice little pot - along with the dead and defuncy "funds transferred" Portishead - over the last ten years. Wonder where that went - ?

  • truthseeker

    Freddo, that's really interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Will soon have the whole file ready shortly.


  • truthseeker

    Davesmith, I reduce the number by 1 for Scotland to 107. Accidentally inc WT Trust which is not a congregation but listed in the Scottish charities register.

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  • Phoebe

    This makes for interesting reading...thank you.

    By the way, I just checked the link to my brother's congregation, I see he's still alive.

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