I hate the way they talk.

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  • ElderBerry

    Most churches supported the vaccines maybe not as strongly pushing them as JWs. Only a few said caution when it comes to vaccines. That church the GB were ridiculing went further than just saying caution they actually said avoid the harmful jabs as they are not safe. That church was right the JWs got it wrong and this will be the biggest threat to them.

    The GB said it comes down to this, do you believe Jehovah is backing us on this or not?

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    You mean the mechanical, canned responses they present instead of genuine thoughts, opinions & emotions?

    When I was around 8-10 years old, I used to throw my body on the floor and beg my mother to speak normally to me. I hated JW-Speak as a child. She pretended to have no idea what I was talking about.

    However, when (very rarely) she was around a non-jw cousin at a funeral or something she had no problem talking normally.

    I think it's some sort of Satanic spell they are under. (for real)

  • peacefulpete
    You mean the mechanical, canned responses they present instead of genuine thoughts, opinions & emotions?

    I think that is the sum of it. The sound of (in)sincerity - ScienceDirect

  • Foolednomore

    It goes back to what my father and I came up with. The Watchtower wants people who don't think. It took us sometime to figure things out ,this is what they want. People who blindly follow them and give them their money with no questions asked.

  • DesirousOfChange
    They sound like idiots in a cult.

    Imagine that!

    oh my Meaning & Origin | Slang by Dictionary.com

    Let's review: It's a Cult!

  • carla

    @ Sea Breeze, yes! jw speak and the glassy eyes. Nobody would believe me when mine first joined the cult that his speech, mannerisms and even eyes would change when speaking sometimes. Then the kids also commented on it and if he tried to preach to someone in the family they finally saw it, or at least some did.

    If he started with that weird creepy jw smile and speech patterns I sometimes wanted to smack him one and say, "get a hold of yourself man!" lol, never did though.

    It was scary when he first joined the cult and had all these changes, clothing, hair, speech, time away from family, no holidays, tv, physically running away when something might be a no-no and even sitting differently. Not to mention his relationship with his wife, children, in laws and even the dog! I could go on but you get the idea.

  • Biahi

    Sea Breeze, itโ€™s called cult-speak. My aunt does this all the time. ๐Ÿ™„

  • blondie

    jws are taught using supplied scripts by the WTS. Very few actually say any introduction at the door with their own words. So it sounds like it was memorized. I knew jws who said the same thing at the door they had 30 years ago, word for word. The WTS says they train their members to be effective speakers, not so, even public talks have a supplied outline, or even word for word manuscripts. Also, jws are taught not to present personal opinions at the door but follow WTS teachings closely, "we" then means the WTS, Governing Body, current position on issues.

  • NotFormer

    To the tune of "If I Could Talk To The Animals" from Dr Doolittle:

    If we could talk like the Witnesses, just imagine it

    Chatting to a Circuit Overseer

    Imagine talking like an elder, chasing up a cheater,

    What a neat achievement that would be.

    If we could talk like the Witnesses, learn their languages

    Maybe take a TMS degree.

    We'd study theocratic jargon, how to doorstep bargain,

    Bethelite, and MS, and GB.

  • Phizzy

    I was on a Circuit Convention spot because of an "experience" I had in F.S. In common with a good few from my congo. I didn't speak in J.W, but told it straight. No embellishment.

    After the Session ended a number came up to me and said "You guys from your Congregation certainly tell it like it is !". Yea, well, there was a reason for that, none of us liked "J.W speak".

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