How Do You Like My Single's Ad?

by Robdar 30 Replies latest social relationships

  • berylblue


    But a total klutz. Let's have coffee. I'll probably fall on the way to the coffee bar, step on your toes while shaking your hand, take ten years to decide what I want to drink, spill my Earl Gray tea all over myself in my attempt to get as much sugar in it as possible. Yes, I'll have a pen to take down your phone number, but it will have leaked all over the Coach bag I purchased on e-bay. Of course, the ink will be smudged all over my face and the long black classic Chanel skirt I got at the thrift store. I'll probably trip over the shoelaces on my ten-year-old Praada ankle boots I borrowed from my daughter and unevenly button my time worn Harris tweed men's coat ("Mom, the 80s are -over-") on my way out the door because I was too caught up in my own thoughts, really important things, you know, such as which -were- the better lyrics to the "Gilligan's Island" theme song. Get hit by a Septa bus while crossing Market Street. And I'll finally discover I -do- believe in law suits. And I'm only quietly attractive. At best. And you're not interested???? Sheesh.

    I got 68 replies. I couldn't believe it. They all liked the fact that I didn't claim to be a model.


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