Has Anyone Ever Just Gotten Mad and "Popped" an Elder?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It has to have happened. People get stressed out, an elder or overseer takes just two steps over the line and gets a fat lip for his trouble.

    Does that ever happen? Or maybe someone "counsels" a brother at the wrong time and tempers flare at the old Kingdom Hall?

    We're all people and are sometimes given to reacting in anger. What would be the disciplinary action for such a thing?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    One man tried to poison an elder and his family by breaking into the elder's house and using a syringe to put pesticide into the family's milk. He was later convicted of assault. This happened in Britain if I remember correctly.

  • blondie
  • scratchme1010

    We're all people and are sometimes given to reacting in anger. What would be the disciplinary action for such a thing?

    Way back when my father who was an elder didn't get along with the other elders. One of them started showing up in our house to see if he could catch anyone in my family doing something (I have no idea what exactly). Funny thing is that every time that he showed up unannounced, we were doing something JW-y. Either we were studying for the WT study for the next day, or preparing for revisits, or something like that. That's the one thing I have to give to my father. He was a true believer and was living his life as per the WT's interpretation of rightful living, so the other elders didn't have anything on him. Meanwhile all of us, elder's children were living the consequences of their stupid political power struggles.

  • Crazyguy

    No but I made an elder cry once. Actually he was hell of a nice guy. I was talking to him about the blood policy and was upset about all the hypocrisy etc. He got upset too and started to cry because he knew I was right. I think he also knew I was about done with the cult.

  • sparky1

    When I was at Watchtower Farms, a young fellow got drunk and punched Frank Lewis (the Home Overseer) in the face! He was sent home immediately. One time, I was having issues with my closeted gay Elder roommate. He kept making passes at me and I had enough of that and went to Frank Lewis about it to get a room reassignment. Frank got furious with me for 'making accusations against an Elder' and threatened to physically 'throw me out of Bethel'. I told Frank that if he laid a hand on me that I would lay him out then and there. Later, I confronted my roommate about the whole issue and got into a big argument with him at the 'tool crib' in the factory. I grabbed him and was going to beat the shit out of him and he started to scream like an old woman. I pulled myself together and figured it wasn't worth getting sent home over the matter.

  • LongHairGal


    Even though some would say it's not morally right, I can understand how some JWs can lose it and raise their hands to an elder.

    The very intrusive nature of the Witness religion (no boundaries and everybody knowing everybody's business), in addition to bullying elders who go out of their way being meddling, spiteful etc. can cause this to happen. What you have here are uneducated men tampering with people's lives and they imagine they should not be questioned. To add insult to injury, they feel unaccountable for anything.

    When I look back on the few times that elders overstepped their boundaries and either spoke out of turn or behaved in an arrogant and overbearing manner, I can understand this. If I were a man I may have taught them a well-deserved lesson physically.

    This is the primary reason I could never again be in this religion. There's no way I would tolerate this.

  • blondie

    There was a touchy, feely elder in my congregation and he had assaulted 4 sisters, one married, but her husband was afraid to do anything.

    That elder came up to me in a swimming pool at a jw party and tried to grab me, I broke his finger. He told others he had broken on the bottom of the pool when he jumped in. The homeowners were afraid he would sue them, but he didn't. He showed up at work where my family member worked, and they knew I had broken his finger and why. The touching stopped......fortunately he died not long after that....

  • sparrowdown

    What elders are trained to do is basically stalking if some stranger was doing this you would call the police but if it's an elder it's "christian love, shepherding" that there be some seriously f***ed up reasoning.

    Why do otherwise "intelligent" men put themselves in that postion for this damn cult. The cult sure as hell doesn't help them if they get punched in the face, or bitten by a dog, or their kid gets molested by a creep in the cong.


    they knew I had broken his finger and why. The touching stopped......fortunately he died not long after that....Blondie

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