"Why did Jehovah give us needs?" - An example of JW thinking...

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  • Goldenash

    So I had a conversation with my brother some time ago. I don't entirely remember how, exactly, but the following subject came up:

    "I wonder why God gave his earthly creatures needs... You know, like how we need water to drink, food to eat, air to breath, etc. The angels and other spirit creatures don't have any needs, so why did God create us to 'need' things to live?"

    Of course, I don't believe in Jehovah or any God for that matter anymore, but for the time being, family circumstances are making it so that getting out of the org isn't really a good idea right now. So, my brother still thinks I'm a believer...

    So, I decided I'd at least use this opportunity to try to get him to think outside the box... Emphasize the only logical explanation I could come up with that would make a supposedly 'loving' God create us with our needs... I said:

    "Maybe it's to encourage cooperation between all the creatures on earth. Everything on Earth needs something from some other species in order to survive, plants make air and food for animals and people, then animals and people die and decompose to fertilize the plants, we need other people for emotional and social companionship, etc. This global symbiosis keeps things in balance, since if organisms were entirely self-sufficient, they'd spend their whole lives alone and doing absolutely nothing.

    My brother nodded and thought about it for a while before telling me...

    "Hmm.... That's interesting... I never thought about it like that before! It could be that...

    However, I always thought that Jehovah gave us needs as a reminder of how inferior we are to him."

    I was in awe. Something as fundamental as the fact that we need various forms of sustenance, to a witness, is merely another matter that primarily revolves around obedience, submission and self-depreciation. What baffles me is how he would be willing to serve a God like that. One who hard-codes into your very being a constant, nagging requirement simply to remind you that he is superior to you?

    The difference between these two perspectives show just how little value logic has to these people and the way that they're programmed to think. If there is a logical explanation for something, that's one thing, but if there's a "because-God-said-so" explanation that emphasizes obedience, it IMMEDIATELY takes center stage. I guess that would explain all those times where the Israelites were required to fast during their festivals and stuff. Utter madness.

  • suavojr
    self-depreciation is what worshiping any God is all about
  • mimimimi
    A prime example of J-dub think. Reminds me of the time my brother told me that the fact there were more and more animals in urban areas was a phenomenon because Jehovah was calling them to the great day of the feast of Jehovah when they would eat the dead at Armageddon. Oh, really? I thought it was because urban sprawl was invading their natural habitat.
  • Diogenesister

    goldenash This is a really interesting post. It really is quite mindblowing the responses both yourself & mimimimi got. I think your understanding of why they think that way is quite right.

    My husband has been reading a book about mexico & the history of the first nation peoples, particularly the religous practices many of them seemingly barbaric in the extreme like blood sacrifice of virgins etc The theory being that life was so very tough the gods must have been cruel and so only the outpouring of good blood would slake their thirst & keep them from visiting destruction. As the mexican area is so active geologically volcanoes earthquakes etc the people felt they must have merited punishment from gods when destruction appeared in this form.

    How similar to the Hebrew god of the dessert - after all life must have been similarly hard in the dessert.

  • baltar447
    That god would be a giant asshole lol

    I always thought that Jehovah gave us needs as a reminder of how inferior we are to him."

    .........Image result for Jehovah god

    ............Image result for narcissistic god

  • Vidiot

    "I always thought that Jehovah gave us needs as a reminder of how inferior we are to him."

    Know what this means?

    It means that if he was God, he'd spend all his time reminding everybody just how superior he was.

  • Aleph

    Well, the thing we can all agree ...

    Whatever the NEED.... eat, sleep, rest .... it is always connected with PLEASURE.
    We enjoy life so much more, because we have pleasure living our life.

    How good is it to go to bed when you feel really tired?

    I don't feel deprived of anything having "NEEDS"....

    Ps: In the desert, people were taken care by God, they had food, water, and even their clothes were not getting old... Exception is when they complained about their conditions, even then, they weren t starving, they missed all the "good things of egypt"... manna seems not enough for them....God had good reasons to become angry on them, well next time your child is not appreciative of the food you prepare for them, you could think of this...

  • prologos
    Alephan hour ago

    Well, the thing we can all agree ...

    Whatever the NEED.... eat, sleep, rest .-- pleasure, yeah, like going to the john. painful need, then relief.

    good point about pleasure for the living. because all entities need an energy flow to go on, viruses, stars, galaxies. and will wind down. so accept it.

    Procreation the need for life to continue to exist, perhaps the greatest, cosmic pleasure of all. need to go now,--

    p.s. about that desert god,-- misreading of reality.

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