New convention video

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  • BourneIdentity

    Those fat fuckin GB members need to be locked up in an insane asylum. They are mentally diseased!

  • WTWizard

    Nice way to bring Noahide Law into the world. The other ways to get your head chopped off are to disrespect joke-hova or any of its chosen ones (whatever that means), fail to execute someone for breaking Noahide Law, killing another person (even in self-defense or in abortion), having sex with anyone other than your assigned partner (one you are not attracted to, by the way) or in a way other than the standard way, taking something belonging to someone else (and that includes trying to live off the land, by the way), or eating meat (not just meat from an animal that is still alive). Yup, the full version imposes full veganism.

    Yet, there is no death penalty for those trying to impose Noahide Law on the whole world. They are going to have people's heads for plenty of these things--and, even the idolatry part is bigger than you realize. You have a favorite song? Why, to connect with energy from its time? (Usually, one associates a song with an event.) Or, what about a movie or video game? Or, timing things with the planets? How many people prepare by backing up their computers in the two weeks before Mercury goes retrograde? (And you should.) What about holding off major clothing purchases while Venus is retrograde? Or starting a foreign language course while Jupiter is in Sagittarius? Or starting a new job while the moon is void of course or Venus is retrograde or in Virgo?

    There are other ways to "worship false gods" without even knowing it, under Noahide Law. And the jokehovians do it without even realizing it, and not just worshiping the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. For starters, why do they always have that annual wastefest 14 days after the new moon where it will fall in spring? The sun always seems to be in Aries when they have this--or in the first degrees of Taurus. What if they tried while the sun is in Libra? And even the numbers in the bible correspond to numerology--from the 66 books in that book of lies, to the verse numbers. I, for one, would deem that "worshiping a false god" under their standard--at that, in a way that is going to have the whole world under full Noahide Law.

  • Athanasius

    Something tells me that the production of these videos cost the Watchtower a few bucks. Stage setup, props, soundtrack, etc. doesn't come cheap. Perhaps this is part of the reason why more money is going out of Watchtower coffers than is coming in.

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