Whatever Happened To The Flu?

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  • bsmart

    Min, nasal allergies are here right now. Pollen from trees are making me nuts. Elm, oak and poplar are making my eyes burn & I have started my Zyrtec. Cottonwood should be starting soon. I would take a vaccine right now if there such a thing.

  • snare&racket

    1) Every season is dominated by the most virulent, contagious pathogen. Basic evolution.

    2) People are isolating and using hand hygiene and masks.

    3) People acted on the concern of flu/CV19 concerns and got jabbed

    4) The flu hasn't gone anywhere, we still detect it on PCR (hail to all the new PCR internet experts who qualified in 2020).

    5) Incidentally in the UK alone we have approx 110,000 additional deaths to a normal year, the expected number of deaths include the flu. As you may remember the experts saying, this global pandemic is not 'just like a flu' so the numbers and news coverage don't compare...rightly so.

    6) Brazil has just reported 60,000 deaths in a month. The flu is kind of not the story right now......we are in the middle of a CORONAVIRUS pandemic, not INFLUENZA. However 'the flu' is said a lot on internet forums nowadays.

    7) Don't worry, If you live long enough, you may see an influenza pandemic too!

    8) Jab or don't jab, it is your life, your choice, your critical appraisal of the data/youtube vids!

    9) "What if-----------THE FLU IS COVID!!!!!!" - piztol pete

    !0) "Pistol, do you think??Do you know how many people have said that a year and a half ago they had strange symptoms that the doctors didn’t know what it was except they said it was probably the flu and that they needed to take a flu shot." -minimouse

    Yeah so going back a good 15 years plus now, patients that comes in with flu symptoms to a hospital, get a PCR test that checks the DNA of the pathogen... if they have influenza.... DING... the DNA would match Influenza strains. If they had a brand new, yet unseen DNA related to the CORONAVIRUS pathogen...then DING it would have been discovered as a novel coronavirus or 'COVID ..18' amongst the population.

    What do you think all those people that park in a hospital staff car park do? They are not all pretending to be JD and Turk. What do you think all the hundreds of thousands of virologists, biologists, lab technicians do to pay the mortgage? They work in a hospital establishing why you and all the people you coughed on feel 'sicky poops'.

    All those hospitals around the world, all of the millions of PCR's done a year, all of the virologists and lab technicians in all of the labs.... discovering this secret novel coronavirus in 2018, just hit career jackpot and will write papers and become leaders in their field..... "Ha Ha Frank Peterson, you may have had a 3% average on me in our 6 years of Virology school but look at me nowwwwww... I have the POWWWEEERRRRRR..."

    Or they may just keep it under their Quaker Oats man looking illuminati hats..... because they want Joe Biden to take your guns....

    Wow the intellect and mysteries that get solved here nowadays! It's like a box set of Columbo!

  • Steel

    That’s kind of a mic drop post.

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