Whatever Happened To The Flu?

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  • carla

    My jw thinks the flu disappeared because we all have to wear masks like the Japanese people do

  • Steel

    Covid is a corona virus. Its a member of the common cold family. The etymology between covid and the flu are completely different. To think Covid is just a mutated flu virus is completely wrong.

    The reason 2020 had so few cases of the flu and the common cold was just basic hygiene ( masks, social distance, hand washing and staying at home when sick ). Never in history has the human race been so clean.

    I swear I feel like I lose five IQ points every time I post here.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Yes, Covid is a type of Corona virus. It is called a Corona virus because, under the microscope, you can see that it is in the shape of a corona (which means a crown).

    The influenza virus when looked at under the microscope is in the shape of a sphere.

    They have two very different types of body morphology.

    True. The common cold virus is in the shape of a corona, or crown, also.

    The name Covid19 comes from COrona VIrus Disease 2019 (the time the virus was first identified.)

    BTW, Lysol kills them all. The can I've had for several years says it's effective against corona viruses. This can predates Covid19.

    Fun internet rabbit hole: Lysol was first created as a Women's Intimate Hygiene Aid!

    I know! I know!

  • minimus

    Steel, so the flu is pretty nonexistent because we are clean? So good basic hygiene should eradicate the flu? Ok

  • WTWizard

    The flu never want anywhere. It's just that, when anyone gets the flu, they simply call it coronavirus. The media counts it as coronavirus, not the flu--and that adds to the call for MANDATORY coronavirus vaccines that kill and maim more than the virus itself (including the flu itself).

    As for me, the same quercetin and zinc that throttles coronavirus also throttles the flu. I simply take normal precautions against these (which are also effective against the likes of hepatitis C and tuberculosis, which are way worse than coronavirus). After the first couple months, I started being more careless (on purpose) on the coronavirus, so I could get slow and controlled exposure while continuing my quercetin. (And expose myself to whatever flu and cold viruses are still out there, so I don't suddenly get a bad cold or flu once this ends).

    And no, I will not take my coronavirus shot until it becomes absolutely mandatory (they round you up and forcibly inject you with it if you don't get it). Not only is it a complete waste of time and money (yes, someone has to pay for it, even if I don't pay out of pocket), but it has been priming people up for super coronavirus. The vaccine doesn't work against super coronavirus, but it makes it worse. Not to mention the allergies, heart and kidney diseases, type 1 diabetes, severe arthritis, and cancers that the vaccines will set you up for. All of which are way worse than the little tiny cold called Covid-19.

  • minimus

    Wiz, You are going to give some people conniptions.

  • alanv

    In the uk, many vulnerable people take the free flu jab once a year. It will probably be the same with the covid jab

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    had my second oxford astra zeneca vaccine--no side effects--i feel great.

  • minimus

    Even the common cold is not even mentioned anymore. Maybe nasal allergies will be obliterated too.

  • Vidiot
    minimus - "Wiz, You are going to give some people conniptions."

    Let's just hope he brought enough to share. Vidiot

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