What's your inspiration in life?

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  • greven

    I draw inspiration from knowledge and learning. I am a sponge when it comes to knowledge, I like to read and indulge myself in reason, logic, science and nature. I am a seeker of truth, the search alone is well worth the effort and hardships encountered. Life is beautifull!


  • Mulan

    You always were a driven girl, Rachel (Princess). You can do anything you want to do.

    You are an inspiration to me. But then, you always have been.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I want to see what happens next. I can't stand the thought that my story (my life) will someday end. What happens after that?

    I can't let the bastards win.

  • LyinEyes

    My inspiration in life is more of a vision I see for myself one day.

    Basically it is like the vision or dream in the movie Raising Arizona ( funny as hell) but in the end, he sees himself and his wife old, in their home, and their children are grown coming home for an anniversary party or xmas, dont remember exactly, and the grandkids are there. The old couple are holding hands and they are content and have lived their life and have the joy of seeing their kids and grandkids happy.

    That is my inspiration to see that one day......... to sit in my rocker with my old man by my side and feel peace, love and my family all around me.

  • oldcrowwoman
  • oldcrowwoman

    OOPS Sorry accidently hit the button before I could say anything. Rather touchy.

    There are many. My spirituality, immediate family, grandchildren. All things are hear to teach me. Spiritual artist, Nature and being with other women circles. Try to live my day one day at a time.

    My hope that I never stop growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the Best, OCW

  • scootergirl

    joannadandy wrote:

    Scootergirl because she is one of the last genuinely nice people on this planet.

    Wow Jo! I had no idea........thank you, hon! I told you before.....you are like a seester to me, and ask eyegirl how I treat seesters! What a very very nice thing to say.

    My inspiration? Myself. From past experience I know that I can get thru anything.......it may be painful as hell, but I have done it and know that I have the strength to do whatever it is in life that needs to be done.When I look back and see how far I have come, I can only look towards the future w/great anticipation and wonderment of where I will end up.

    Nature also inspires me. There is a lot to learn by nature around us.

  • wednesday

    My family. The prospect of another day. My private time with my husband. Growing old with my husband.

    the hope that i may some day learn to spell/or simon will put a spellchecker on here.

    Knowing the WTS will be exposed for the liars they are. that really gets me through many days.

  • Eric

    I am inspired by all the things we humans do to keep our cities running simply because if we don't, our cities fall apart. From Librarians to Firefighters to Trash Collectors.

    I am inspired by the people who volunteer their time to keep shelters for the homeless, abused and down on their luck up and running. I am inspired by people who volunteer at the food banks to help families over a hard time and perhaps keep them from becoming homeless themselves.

    I am inspired by 1000cc motorcycles that spin to 12,000 rpm, and that I can go and buy one.


    Oddly enough my cat Felix. He has this inate ability to know when I need some inconditional love. He knows when I need him to curl up with me and keep me company. He and I are linked.

    I know what you mean. My furry little buddy Titan had to leave last year. He was 18 years old. I still miss him, he would curl his tail around my shoulder while he slept against my neck. If I had a fleck of pretzel stuck in my beard, he would climb up on my chest and "groom" me as if I were another cat.

    I've put off getting another cat because we were so close. It still seems too soon.

    But this winter, on my walks about my city in southern Ontario, I've come to meet a family of feral cats who live in behind the gaps of an old tumble-down retaining wall along a park. This winter has been harsh, in fact the month of March so far is the coldest recorded here since 1878. They've been looking pretty thin so I have been bringing them some nice pieces of fish to eat and while they are still very wary of me, they have come to know my routine and the time of day I will arrive. They expect me, and both parties are getting comfortable with coming up to the other.

    I'm thinking there may be kittens in the spring...

    And this too inspires me.


  • not interested
    not interested
    . Not_Interested because he restores my faith that men do have sensitive sides.

    wow JO i missed this one, but, I think thats the best compliment i have ever recived.

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