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  • stillin

    Gabcol, good to have you here! Hey, I also was homeless in NYC in the late '60's. I had a lot of help from guys who were gay and, although there was some coaxing, most were respectful of my sexuality and were a huge help for my survival. Whenever I gave a talk at the KH, and there was a spot for a comment, I would throw in a bit for tolerance, not hate, not fear. I got some raised eyebrows but that was their problem, not mine. I could always refer back to Jesus if I had to defend my statements!

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • gabcol

    wow stillin, it sounds like you would have a few interesting stories. Were you a witness after you were homeless?

  • stillin

    Gabcol, I became a believer in 1975. The ideals fit, the hope sounded great. The leadership was down-to-earth. Things have changed, both in the organization and in myself.

  • flipper

    GABCOL- Welcome to the board my friend. As you stated you're not alone, many of us here have suffered abuse at the hands of people we once considered friends in our lives, JW's we thought we could trust. But in time we truly see they never had our best interests at heart. It was a conditional, fake " interest " . I'm glad life is going well for you now, look forward to hearing more about your experiences. Congratulations on finding and holding onto your freedom of mind. It's priceless ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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