Conflicts in the mind

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  • SixofNine

    I'm glad you "get" me Gumby. *tries gay rubbery sex with Gumby* *pukes~ the witnesses were right about eraserality *

    I'm so over it.

    I'm so over it.

    I'm so over it.

    I'm so over it.

    Six- emphasis! class

  • Mac

    What's a Jehovah's Witness???????????


  • gumby

    tries gay rubbery sex with Gumby*

    I'm so over it.

    Are you sure?

  • DJ

    Hi JH,

    For me, the turning point from hate to tolerance came when I realized that they are just another 'denomination'. I totally disagree with most of their teachings and do believe that they are false prophets as nowisee said above. I hated them when they had power over my beliefs while I was still indocrinated and during my 'deprogramming' so to speak. Once I replaced their false teachings with the truths of the bible I had no more hate, only pity. They are a lost denomination with some nice members who are totally misled.

  • Azalo

    i dont hate JW's but I do hate that religion and every other but especially this one because I feel like it robbed me of having a normal childhood and there is nothing that I can do to get that back.

  • greven
    is there a part of you that will always be a Jehovah Witness, and a part of you that will always hate them?

    Well first of all I do not hate Jehovahs-witnesses. On the contrary, I look upon them with pity, seeing how misled they are, and try to help them.

    I do hate however, the mindset and techniques used to bind these people. There is no part of me that remains a JW. Neither the mindset nor the attitude or worldview. IMO, once you see through them you are no longer one of them nor can you ever be one again. An informed JW becomes automaticly an ex-jw, at least in mind and spirit. Some however wish to stay in for family or other ties, but in their hart they are no longer JW.


  • Francois

    Not one little teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy, eenie, weenie part of me has got anything to do with Jehovah's Witnesses. The parts of my makeup that are good and true were a part of me always. The only thing JWs taught me was how to be an elitist, and how to hate. They taught me to be xenophobic, just like they are. Luckily for me, I forgot that part quickly.

    I regret each and every second of my life that I wasted with that cult. Since I'm immortal from this point forward, I'm sure I won't miss that time.


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