About the Memorial and Unleavened Bread Thing..

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  • 2+2=5

    You can’t call that rubbish bread, it’s a biscuit at best.. so it’s basically a shit biscuit

  • waton
    he did Not mean for people to hold some ridiculous Yearly celebration, what he DID do is observe Passover, as everyone who really knows---

    Te: Earliest Christians did not prominently celebrate the memorial: proof :at the first Passover after Pentecost, Peter was in Prison and miraculously freed, rejoined the brothers at a "prayer meeting" no piep in the bible at that opportune time to put in writing: the word "Memorial", about bread, wine,

    P.S: no attempt mentioned of "friends" trying to get the "emblems" into prison to keep that prime "anointed" qualified. Peter, as non-anointed " Other Sheep"*** had already partaken before.

    ***see pat. 14 of next week's -- April 5 wt study. no anointed before Jesus' resurrection.

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