Memorial 2017

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  • betterdaze

    Oops. Last line got cut off:

    This, from the people who told us we’d never finish school. “Remain single. Don’t have children. Preach instead.”

  • steve2

    Grammar correction alert: There should be NO comma in the title after the word Health because it immediately precedes the conjunction, And. I am disappointed: Grammatical standards within JW organization are falling.

    It should read: Peace, Health And Prosperity: Everyone's Dream

    BTW, I worry about survivors who are allergic to direct contact with super long grasses.

  • wifibandit
  • sparrowdown

    I think they're heading towards the jungles of Guyana to build a compound.

  • Heaven

    Hey wifi, that sure looks like a woman, maybe 2 women, in pants on that second page. Have they lost their minds?!

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Hi, there.

    We've talked punctuation before, and the deal is that the pubs are printed in American English. I was a proofreader at Brooklyn Bethel.

    I am not hurt that you received 4 likes and I received none regarding my similar but diametrically opposite comment.

    So, then . . . is there no Oxford -- penultimate -- comma in La Nouvelle Zelande?!?!?

    Your reply is most heartily anticipated. BTW, when visiting The Gold Coast, I did not employ the serial comma in my speech because I was dealing with severe misunderstanding of the Aussie spoken word and I had to let go of my usually necessary compulsions. Choose your battles . . . sigh. . . .

  • nowwhat?

    Also noticed on page 2 Jesus is referred To as just a "prophet" not the son of God. Or our savior

  • steve2

    So, then . . . is there no Oxford -- penultimate -- comma in La Nouvelle Zelande?!?!?

    New Zealand, more so in the past than currently, follows British English. Isn't it rare to find a comma before a conjunction even in American English?

  • shepherdless

    I know there are purists who say otherwise, but I always use the Oxford comma, because without it you can get some funny double meanings.

    Take for example, the following hypothetical sentence without the Oxford comma:

    "During the course of their investigations, Police interviewed Mr X Smith, a religious elder and a known pedophile."

    It is not clear from that sentence whether the Police interviewed 3 people or 1 person. I can't understand why some purists (not all) insist on a grammatical rule that needlessly creates ambiguity.

  • Darkknight757

    So just an off comment observation.

    I see no factories in this paradise photo and once again, all the guys are perfectly clean shaven. So will BIC still be in business in the new world or what? Having to shave forever would really suck.

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