Memorial 2017

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  • prologos
    WMF: "Prosperity? I dont recall that ever being a lure for the unwary to come join the cult and to get into the magical kingdom.

    They missed out in their choice of words. prosperity? how about Security ?

    Peace, - and Security. for crying out loud.

  • tiki
    tiki first thought was someone should have mowed that grass...second, the stupid polo shirts, baggy pants...and the token dark skinned family with Caribbean type clothing....what a weirdo religion. And somehow they manage to get weirder and weirder....

  • Heaven

    Evidently, there will be no lawn mowers in the Paradise Earth.

  • pale.emperor

    Notice how the invitation hides that it has anything to do with religion unless you squint at the small print a the bottom indicating that it is, in fact, the Jehovahs Witnesses.

    Classic cult bait. Someone walking past would think its a health advert or a money making advert - turn up to the FREE talk and bam! It's a cult indoctrination ceremony.

  • betterdaze
    The invitation will probably have immaculately groomed white Jesus in his Unilever/Persil washed clothes and dust free sandals extending his hand ...

    Either that or some blood soaked dying man on a pole writhing in agony ...

    Sorry, no. But they did crop out the boy with the creepy facial expression.

    2017 Memorial Invitation:

    Cover of Watchtower to be offered in March with the invite:

  • Thisismein1972

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense will see CULT shouting out to then loud and clear. The illustration is extremely cult like.

    On the subject of the memorial. It is a black mass ritual, those who fall for the invitation are only headed for trouble. Either that, or they will be seriously creeped out by the whole thing. The latter would be of benefit.

  • wifibandit

    Thanks betterdaze !

  • blondie

    No old people or disabled, could not do the walk?

    The WTS says no instant physical healing in the WTS.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    I am impressed. Not only is the message alluring, but the use of the Oxford comma has me -- once again! -- at "hello"!

  • betterdaze

    • These aren’t invitations. It’s a publicity stunt.

    The Watchtower is flush with cash and can afford the very best public relations firms. It's all demographics.

    • They’re trying to attract newcomers with the current religious fad, Prosperity Theology.

    “Give us your money, and you can live Paradise.” Appeals to intellectually lazy, greedy people.

    • Specifically targets healthy Millennials.

    "Sorry Grandma, no decrepit Baby Boomers in the New System!"

    Generation X? Marketers have ignored us all our lives. And most of us have left already anyway.

    • Bring the kiddies!

    “We are a family-friendly organization. Our Memorial is child-friendly and wholesome.”

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