maybe I am paranoid...

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  • mouthy

    I do believe some read this board ..... I wouldnt post your identity-if you want to stay underground -I want them to know me!!!! ALL OF THEM.... I am Grace Gough Chief Apostate in St Jacobs ( maybe Ontario) I love them all. So if any off you are lurking ( yes I was made paranoid after a stint of over 20+years with you guys) You got it???? DO come visit !!!! I will feed you, help you pay your rent! lend you my car - let you sleep on my sofa- All these things I did when I was WITH the organization. The only change you will receive is =I wont sit & talk about how weak so-& so brother or sister is- & how poor sister so&so husband is a demon- or brothers so& so wife is evil.. Or how many hours I put in & what this woman said at the door ( or man) how clever I was to trap him....So The invitation is open

    33 Front St

    St Jacobs. Ont. Canada ------ This is a door that will not stay shut.....

  • mouthy

    OOps sorry I pressed twice SORRY!

  • starfish422

    Grace, you are a sweetie. :) (((HUGS)))

  • SheilaM

    First(((((Mouthy))))) You are a gem

    Yes, there are dub's that try to ferret out people here, just don't reveal anything you are worried about. They lie you can fib can't you I personally want them to know me, know what they've done and know I KNOW what they've done!

  • acsot

    Ah Mouthy! You're too much! What an evil apostate you are , housing, feeding and lending a listening ear to all those mean JWs! When I think of all those lies fed to us about apostates, I wonder how the members of the GB sleep at night? If they actually think what they're doing is right, they are so far away from Jesus' teachings I can't even comprehend it.

  • Valis

    A couple things....I think there may be some Watchtower lurkers here and maybe even some that have that as a job function, but for the average user this isn't much of a user. There may be some high profile apostates, due to lawsuits or contact w/the media that get targeted, which the WTBTS wants to monitor to catch them in a lie, use it in their own defense, etc...What I do think happens is that people come here and post their sotries and don't play the CYA game good enough to avoid getting caught by relatives or friends. The problem many times is that the new user is right on the verge of exploding with newly found ideas, that they let things slip and give themselves away, which leads to someone coming on the board and watching to see if they are posting here. Or they simply, albeit innocently, show a spouse, relative, friend the site, without understanding all the consequences that can have.

    I'm w/mouthy...My name is Travis Bush and I live in Dallas...I tend to the needs of the flock in all things beer related...come on by and sit for a spell...I got somethin for ya!


    District Overbeer

  • mouthy

    Val! Sheila !!Star (((((((((hugs))))love ya for the back up!!!!

  • myself

    Admit nothing

    Deny everything

    Demand proof

  • Mac

    Maybe you are.........that's what everyone has been telling me about you!!!

    mac, of the don't look now but,..................class


    There you have it, a few messages before mine: "Mouthy" our grandmother apostate and adopted family member is at the helm.

    Don't you just LOVE her?

    Of course the WTBTS monitor these sites.

    The advice xjw-B12 gave is practical and wise, you'll do well by it.

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