Glad to see someone in the WT Art Dept has a sense of humour! "Church Lady" spotted singing!

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  • blondie

    The WTS is now "suggesting" that members practice the songs before the convention (should be at KH too). Been a problem for a long time. I am a singer and I was told not to drown out the others who sang in whispers.

  • DisgruntledFool

    "The WTS is now 'suggesting' that members practice songs before the convention." - blondie

    Eat To The Beat, perhaps?

  • NotFormer

    Even British soccer fans get together to practice the songs they sing at matches, so a bit of choir practice before a large group gathering probably isn't such a bad idea. Unfamiliar songs at churches are usually awkward. Not that you would know at one of the churches I've been attending recently: they play the backing tape so loudly that I can't hear the person next to me singing.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    A better suggestion would be to scrap those horrible horrid songs altogether.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    A better suggestion would be to scrap those horrible horrid songs altogether.

    One of the things that helped waking me and my wife up was when they changed the songs in 2012. Sure, there were some bad songs before then, but that year, they replaced and messed up some of the classics that we liked. I understood updating some of the lyrics, but the music itself? They obviously didn`t ask for permission or conducted trials, or something. They just did it and told us that they were "better". They didn't care what people really felt like about the songs, they instructed the rank and files to like them.

    How can you force people to like a song over another? You can't! Unless you allow yourself to be brain-washed completely and thoroughly.

  • WingCommander

    "You vill sing das new zongz, and you vill likez vill likez dem all!"

    "All hail your Governing Body OverLordz!"

    "Sig Heil! Sig Heil!"

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