Imitating Jesus with a goatee vs Elders

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  • Phizzy

    The attitude of those Elders is just so childish and hypocritical. I bet they never do any real Pastoral work which they would if they were real Spiritual Shepherds.

    Have they got nothing more important to focus on ?

    Pops did a very clever thing, he showed them that there is more Scriptural justification for his decision to wear a Goatee than there is for their man-made USA restricted rule.

    In Europe beards amongst are not uncommon, worn by Elders too.

  • punkofnice

    Excellent. Well done that Dad!

    Why do elders browbeat rather than encourage? Answer, because there is always a big bully on the boe. It's bullying and shouldn't be tolerated. Those elders need humiliating publicly.

  • stuckinarut2

    True Punk! There is ALWAYS at least one bully on a body who enjoys the limelight, and is used to having everything go his way.

    Sadly, he will dominate the atmosphere of the rest of the body. And it's usually evidenced in silly little personal opinions in things like the opening post showed...

  • Heaven

    brandnew, your Dad is at an age where he's probably starting to realize that this whole Armageddon deal is a non-starter and that he is very likely going to die. My Dad realized that too, about 5 years ago. Time for your Pops to have a little fun. The rebel in him is coming out. Way to go Pops!

    The whole dementia/Alzheimer's thing makes any religious person a sinner because they do things that are either against social norms/morals, dangerous/harmful, or illegal as the rational, logical part of the brain is breaking down. I know... my Dad was the same.

    Edited to add: If he has dementia, wait 'til he walks around naked in front of you for the first time (unless he's done this before when you and he were a lot younger). That was a real shocker for me! My Dad's urinating and spitting on my carpet and floor was another one. I could go on... but everyone has other things to do.

  • Vidiot

    @ brandnew...

    My dad passed away a long time ago.

    Can I borrow yours? :confused:

  • brandnew

    Thanks y'all......pops aint out for loan vidiot, im enjoying him at his old age.....we're best pals ☺.

    @ heaven.....we live in a huge house , on top of a mountain, and walkin around in boxers is mandatory 😂

  • brandnew
    @ punk....yeah pops aint a small guy either......used to box in the navy also......just sayin...still pretty strong dude.😆
  • brandnew
    @ vidiot......sorry about losing your father....i cant imagine.....😢

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