Watchtower 1973 - "Dinosuars WERE on Noah's Ark"!!! College educated response??

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  • Bloody Hotdogs!
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    @ DATA-DOG

    To be clear, you are right, they do not claim to know exactly how long the creative days were (as they once did). Since the 1990s they have used words like "indefinite" and "unknown" to describe them. However, at precisely the same time, in other articles, they use the more limiting expression "thousands" of years.

    "Indefinite" or "unknown" does not contradict "thousands" of years. Most importantly it does not contradict the notion of approximately 7000 years, as indicated last in 1998.

    JWs should be called to account for their real beliefs - even the ones they are trying to hide behind vague language.


    You nailed it. 😬


  • Finkelstein

    Why did Jah pick the most stupidest and viably corrupt out of humanity ?

    I've actual sat with JWS and see them nod their heads in agreement to statements like this and when information comes forward that critical scientific investigation brings forth, they shrug it off as connived and concocted lies.

  • Formerbrother

    I often wondered about how the old yellow bible story book had pictures of mammoths standing on top of the mountain looking at the ark floating away,

    Why were mammoths not on the ark? Or were they and they went extinct after the flood?

    I expect there were lots of animals on the ark that have gone extinct since in the last 4500 years.

    I also think a lot of what we were told about dinosaurs is baloney.

    Most of these skeletons of dinosaurs are way off in the guess work. If you find out how much was real bones and how much is guess work its only tiny amounts of real bones.

    What if elephants were extinct for thousands of years and they started find lots of bones and putting them together. How would you guess what it looked like, I think you would be way off with your estimations.

  • Finkelstein

    One of the inherent intellectual faults to religion is that they rarely tell the truth, the JW religionists pander to people's ignorance for they know that's the most viably and workable areas to exploit.

    Better to exploit ignorance and appeal to human emotions than be confronted with undeniable facts and data.

    No wonder the WTS/JWS and other religious leaders demean higher education as being useless and redundant.

    Higher education never helped humanity but the ridged propagating belief in ancient mythology has as far they are concerned, well it gave them power and money at least !

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    My wife was told off by an Elder for not saying the "day" was 7000 years during her talk. She told him straight she did not believe that and he let it go!
  • Finkelstein

    Interesting is it not that the Almighty creator who existed all throughout time made his creations on a designated set time scale.

    Oh snap I get it , he worked during the day and rested at night to continue on.

    And did so also so that mankind could write about what he had done in the future., smart god that Yahweh

  • prologos

    Interesting is it not that the Almighty creator who existed all throughout time made his creations on a designated set time scale.

    Good point Finkelstein, to be fair, while the creator (if any) must predate the universe, not moving through time, by necessity, creation has to happen in steps that can be identified;-- cosmologist / astrophysisists: the inflationary period, the overlapping generations of stars, novae, supernovae to give us calcium, gold; - Paleontologists, the Cambrian--. The ancient writers just realized this must be tiring, to do it without power tools. so, give me a break, a weekend. Bible is wrong so, do not take it seriously, literally.

  • sparky1
  • Spectre

    I wonder if seeing the movie Jurassic park woke anyone up. They might of happened to watch that, did some research and found the idea that the universe is 49,000 years old or so to be ludicrous.

    Not to derail the topic, but has anyone seen if or how they explain new stars being formed now? Those darn scientists throwing a wrench in the works and showing how god isn't done with the "creative days".

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