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    I stopped going out knocking on doors since may & i love sleeping in, making bfast & go to the gym to work out in the mornings. .. i never really liked going door knocking & always hoped no one came to the door because I never was & will be a good salesperson.. that was the very 1st thing I stop doing when I awoke & happy

    May... so that makes it around 6 months. That should make you classified as "inactive" now. Congrats & welcome to the inactive club! =)

    Like you, I didn't think of myself as a good salesperson. Never was able to start a study through D2D. I've had studied passed to me though, none of whom made spiritual progress (thankfully!). I was too lazy to do RV's & always had a guilty feeling about it. Then the thought struck me that the more I preached, the more bloodguilty it made me by my not calling on all those who I met, so why go out preaching & incurr bloodguilt in the first place???

    I remember vividly the last time I went out in service. It was a pleasant Saturday morning & the territory was beautiful (in terms of scenery). Halfway through, my partner had to leave me to attend to something. I went to the next house & realized that I couldn't bring myself to knock without someone standing besides me! I just stood in front of the house like a dumbass. That's when I KNEW that I couldn't do it anymore!

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    @ Pete Zahut...

    Those pics remind me of Goofus and Gallant. :laughing:

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