Son of God

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  • cofty

    'The bible' does not contain a consistent position on who Jesus was. Read it chronologically, letting each book speak for itself and you will observe a developing Christology.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The Firstborn Son of God was somehow brought into existence by the Almighty One - perhaps similar to having a baby but quite unlike the human process. This Firstborn Son of God did come to Earth as a Human and in doing so experienced the whole gamut of Human Life from conception, birth, infancy, childhood, maturity and ultimately death. He told us he came as a human to learn obedience and to show his Creation 'The Way.' He was dead for three days in accordance with the time period necessary to the Pharisees and Sadducees to assure that death had actually occurred, then was raised to life in His original Spirit Form. Upon completion of his mission on Earth He returned to His Father in Heaven and was elevated to a superior status. Since He was brought into existence by The Father in Heaven it is entirely possible that He is also a God; however, He did stress while a human that the Father is greater than He.

    One day we shall all know the complete story with all of the details.

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