Son of God

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  • Steel

    Is this a title of diety or did God have a baby?

    Sorry for being so brief, typing on a phone.

    I am kind of interested to see what you have to say.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Jesus Father was the Holy spirit, that is what Jesus mother told her husband. Sooo who was the father, whoever she was having sex with when she screamed OH GOD.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    "Son of God" was one of the titles of the Roman Emperor.


    are you an exjw ? what they believe is it referring to jesus , mary was impregnated by holy spirit , personally I think it was an implanted embryo

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I've heard that "Son of God" was actually a title that the Roman Emperor carried and that is why the religious leaders were so worried about Jesus calling himself and being called "Son of God". It has been said that they were afraid that word would get back to Rome that there is a Jewish rabbi claiming the highest imperial authority and gathering a large following; which would have led to the Romans intervening violently and the religious leaders in Israel losing their positions.

  • venus

    In one place Bible would say Jesus is "son of God," and in another place "son of man." This is the tactics of religious leaders to keep people looking to them for daily interpretation. It is their own way of consolidating their position.

  • smiddy3

    Jesus is.... "son of God " , "son of man" ,"the Logos" , "Michael the Archangel" , " Immanuel" , " a God" ,

    Take your pick .

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A far reaching criticism of religiousness is that it deals with words that have left their normal usage and have become sacred. Then when comparing expressions, religious people have driven themselves mad trying to avoid hell and looking for the only path to heaven. A logical and coherent solution to all of the disparities of Biblical usage can never be found since in the first place they are based on myth and not fact.

    So don't drive yourself mad; relax! Don't even try to reconcile the irreconcilable but do ask instead, why was this or that written?

    The Bible deals with myth, imagery, hope and power-- it is not a collection of logical, factual texts. The sources of Biblical writings are submerged in folklore and astrology and the essence of the ideas of god, even in the Bible, can be traced from polytheism. The books attributed to Moses are all about the new fangled monolatry (worship of just one of the gods) and why you should ditch the others. After all the new national god YHVH will zapp you if you don't worship him.

    Religion evolves, take the evolution of the Watchtower cult as a familiar example! But certainly the oldest forms of theism were built into the world view of the ancients who related the annual movements of the sun, moon and stars to their divinities. Before the "sacred texts" humans had the stars to tell them the nature of the divine and how to behave.

    And the son of the Sun God was the exact representation of his very being as the sun rose every morning and was reflected in the waters of the Nile............the narrative remains but the application changes.

    So don't take the Bible literally!

  • MrRoboto

    Sun of god only works in English and possibly engrish but I agree with the rest..

    You could drive yourself mad trying to reconcile all these religious writings, even just staying in a single set like the books supposedly written by Moses (who writes about things that happen after their own death? Get with it Moshe!) let alone including the gospels and then into the letters.

    Don't let your head pop!

  • Steel

    Hasn't anyone ever been in a Kingdom Hall and hear someone make a comment like " false religion thinks Jesus is god when he is really gods son ".

    The more research i do leads to believe the term son of God is a reference to diety while son of man is a reference to humanity.

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