What I said to an Elder and the matter was dropped.

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  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    I decided to tell this small story.

    About 25 Years ago, we lived in a certain area in the USA and associated with the local congregation there. Coincidently, one of the Elders was the Assistant Congregation Servant in a different KH and Congregation which I grew up in. Therefore, we knew one another well. He was a maverick of sorts, an abrasive odd-ball and did what he wanted. He is still alive today but very, very old. We no longer live in that area so its safe to talk about in my opinion.

    Approximately 4-5 years after moving to this Congregation, the Elder that I knew took me aside, alone in the back of the KH, and asked me a question. The question was about my conduct which would have been a JC offense, and asked me point blank if I did this thing. I looked at him and said: "Who told you that?" He answered; "I cant tell you". I replied: "If you can't reply, neither can I. I don't entertain or respond to anonymous accusations". By the way, this accusation was absolutely false, and it made me angry.

    The Brother looked sheepish and walked away without saying another word. The matter was never brought-up again. It died a quick death that night. I was later appointed in that Congregation. The question I was asked and the total experience I had that evening led me to begin questioning things. If he never bothered me with that false accusation, I wouldn't have been awakened at that time.

    My point is that the religion is filled with real experiences of baseless accusations and the persecution of innocent people. I know of several other actual experiences like this and worse, but wont bother anyone with them now. Everyone must have them also.

  • Oogie
    I just love how when you're accused of something, they don't tell you. Didn't Jesus say something opposite to that?
  • Stealth

    Sounds to me like they were talking about using you in the congregation and this elder was making use of the holy spirit to give you a litmus test and see if he could bluff you into admitting to any sin that might disqualify you to become elder.

  • ToesUp

    "the religion is filled with real experiences of baseless accusations and the persecution of innocent people."

    Absolutely! I believe they enjoy ugly gossip and accusations and hanging people out to dry! We no longer choose to participate in their games! Life is way too short. We are enjoying life with no more judgement! Yippie!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    This type of thing happened to my son when he was a teenager .

    The Elder accused him of something he did not do ,because he was with two other boys that got caught smoking . He was with them ,but did not participate . The Elder was just so sure of himself he would not believe anything my son said. He even said someone had come forward and witnessed the event .My son still maintained it did not happen.I asked the Elder to bring forth the eye witness......that is when we learned the Elder was lying . He figured that if he put enough pressure on my son,that he would admit to wrong doing . This event forever changed my son's ,and our opinion of this Elder .

  • Dissonant15
    I was just telling a story about this BS. I was met with by two elders & told someone said they saw me expose myself at a "gathering", but refused to tell me who. I was seething angry and hurt because I did not have any idea what they were talking about and I felt I had a right to face my accuser. They went on to put me on "restrictions" because I had a "pattern of crude humour and conduct."
  • JWdaughter
    Troubled mind, I think your elder must be moonlighting as a police interrogator, because they don't have to be ethical in their accusations, they just need to be in legal boundaries. You know, such technicalities are a favorite among certain mindsets that figure the ends justifies the means. And dicatorships just want the results that they want-truth has nothing to do with it.
  • Sabin

    Dissonant, I love people with a pattern of crude humour.

  • Dumplin

    An older elder in our cong had a term he used for this when it happened to him: 'phantom accusers'.

    And if there's more than one, they get to misuse the ol' 2witness rule against you. This happened to me too and was instrumental in waking me up. It was a sucker punch.

    I was listening to a McNeill/Lehrer interview of one of Pres. Reagan's military strategists (can't remember the name right now). He wrote a book after the Berlin Wall came down something about the "Evil Empire". He made a comment about what he thought made Communist Russia an evil empire. When I heard this, I never forgot it, because it described exactly the way the borg works too and one of the reasons I think it's evil.

    He said: "There was no security on a personal level against arbitrary attacks." (speaking of KGB)

    I thought to myself: Bingo!

  • Vidiot
    I've lost count of how many who imagine themselves as hard-boiled detectives or hotshot prosecuting attorneys.

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