US news article about low JW education causing problems in life - interesting

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  • Gorbatchov

    Good article, a must read, from my perception.

    I did a bachelor and master since 2001, having the same opinion, for a better present and future and for my and family sake: being an educated person, gaining respect and being proud of what I could realize in life. A win - win situation.

    For present JW and non present JW's, take your change and take the path to higher education.



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    Landy: Seventh?

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    I'm in good company 😎


  • zeb

    My school time (non jw) was hell. I was the fat kid and the butt of ridicule to many. I had teachers who would hall me before the class to be ridiculed for whatever or whoever was giving them the shits that day. One primary teacher said to me before the class "that your parents only made one mistake was having you.". A couple of female teachers were outright man (read male) haters.

    At high school another used mad starring eye's to bring you (me) down. Hence I went through a lot of life with F***all self worth, no confidence. Then I met the jw. Well, I fitted in perfectly with those credentials.

    Years into my life I went back to college and gained double diplomas.

    These terrible people of my early years are like weeds pulled up and raked to the fire now.

    With the higher education and with the Diplomas I feel like I have come ashore onto dry land found new clothes and can walk tall.

    I can only wonder hm of the desperate the suicidal and poverty living among the jw would be different people if they could shake off the load and obtain self worth via an education?

  • tor1500


    I didn't read the article it wouldn't come up. But higher education is required today. At one time for the Sanitation Dept, and Police Dept. you only needed a high school diploma pass the test and you got a job, now today, you have to some college credits...but this college thing is to weed out those who they think won't have it...but surprise, a lot of people of color are going to is required so you can have only certain folks apply for the jobs...just like people judge you on the newspaper you read, to be considered the suchy much, you read WSJ (Wall Street Journal) or NYT (New York Times)...that shows you are a person of a certain caliber...Daily News, New York Post and USA Today and the Enquirer...those are pedestrian papers....

    JW's get higher education, at least the ones I know....Some don't because they don't want to show how illiterate they are so they put down higher education...Plus you know how witnesses want to appear they love that scripture where Jesus says, foxes have dens and birds of heaven have nest, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay down his head....that's what motivates some witnesses.....they want to be poor and down trodden, they think they will make points with God...

    Live like a bum, to make points with witnesses say...."How commendable".

    Again, at my hall, most folks are educated and they young ones are going to college and their parents are encouraging them to go...and they don't pay attention to any of them biddies at the hall....telling folks not to go to college, yet when they need some dough, they go the college grad to borrow....

    A bunch of nuts an users, not all but most, when someone comes to you and says sister or brother, secure your purse and pockets.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Great article. The problems I saw with the members of my family that were JWs were similar to what Amber mentioned. The parents weren't qualified to teach. They had no formal learning themselves no real interest in seeing that their children got an education. Also there was a lack of discipline. The children did whatever they felt like doing all day. They had no preparation for the real world and it is hurting them now. Not much chance of any child raised that way ever going to college.

    Then you have the ones that loved school and wanted to learn and get a better education but were denied by their parents. I know a lot of those also.

    I remember the late Bill Cetnar saying he told Knorr that he would like to go to school and become an attorney. Knorr told him there wasn't enough time left. That must have been in the 1940s so about 70 plus years ago. Or maybe it was the fifties. Anyway a long time ago.

    Its really sad how they ruins kids dreams and replace them with peddling magazines for their fantasy kingdom.

  • LongHairGal


    Yeah, you got that right about securing your purse and pockets when somebody in the hall comes up to you saying sister or brother!!

    That's part of the reason I'm glad I'm not there. I'd never give money to these people. My favorite scripture was: "He that does not work shall not eat." But, Witnesses never used this scripture much. Care to guess why?

    I remember when I started my "fade" over a decade ago and attended a special talk. A sister came up to me and asked how I was doing. She asked me if I had enough money to live on - which I thought was a peculiar question. I didn't really give her a direct answer.

    Afterwards I thought about it and realized if somebody said Yes, the next question would be "well could you give....."

    Since I don't attend the hall anymore, I don't have to deal with this. But, if a JW anywhere asked me if I had enough money...I would tell them: "if I answer Yes to that question, the answer to your next question will be No."

  • GrreatTeacher

    The lack of manners is appalling.

    Could you imagine in any other church having something think that, "Do you have enough money to live on?" is appropriate casual conversation?

  • LongHairGal


    There are absolutely no boundaries in the Witness religion.

    They believe they can say anything they want, especially to women of the many reasons I'm not there anymore in addition to their begging for money.

    The sh#t is starting to hit the fan regarding people who were led to believe they didn't need to plan for their future since "Armageddon" and the "New System" were coming.

    I feel sorry for the remaining responsible working people there who will be hit up for money like they were ATM machines. They're going to start cannibalizing each other there.

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