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  • Mum

    Yesterday I was listening to the radio at work as usual. I listen to NPR (National Public Radio) on most days. There was a report about some ex-JW's who were "daring to dream" again. The report pointed out that these ex-JW's had dropped out of high school and obtained a GED, but had never had a job earning more than 14K per year. It also stated that only about 8% of JW's get a college degree, the lowest percentage of any faith.

    I was busy with a customer during part of the report. Did anyone else hear it?

  • ab.ortega

    The link is posted a few posts below. :)

  • darkspilver

    haha but no link this time

    Thanks for posting... it is interesting to see the difference in 'Subject Area' choosen....

    First up it was AndersonsInfo who decided for 'Friends'

    Second was silentbuddha who went for 'Scandals & Coverups'

    Third was freemindfade who selected 'Social / News & World Events'

    Fourth was breakfast of champions who posted in 'Scandals & Coverups'

    Fifth was Mum who decided to go with 'Friends'

    OK, so I think a draw now? or does 'Scandals & Coverups' still (just) win as Mum didn't include a link? hmmm

  • cognisonance
  • Spiral

    It's also circulating on FB, posted last night under the NPR banner. "Lack of Education Leads to Lost Dreams and Low Income for Many Jehovah's Witnesses", lead line is "The view that higher education is spiritually dangerous is very common among many Jehovah's Witnesses." Quotes AM3 as well.

    Well written, I hope they write more! I think I'll FM message NPR and request exactly that!

  • LV101

    The Pew Report seems to have the JW negatives/stats, also.

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