How did your close JWs react when they found out you know TTATT?

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  • ivanatahan

    I'm not sure if this topic has ever been posted (surely, I believe it has), but it would be interesting to revive such a topic and hear your stories!

    When my parents heard my first rant (after they told me to be home schooled when I was caught kissing a girl) they entered into a long depression that continues to this day. My father suffers knowing his once amazing family is now divided, and my mother is equally angry. My mother is cracking down on me, infringing in parts of my life she never got involved in. She even told me to move out of the house (I'm not even of legal age yet) once when I was falling asleep at a Sunday meeting (?) and even enforced it the next morning. I used the excuse that I was doing my laundry to pack my bags with clean clothes before moving out (my girlfriend's family was willing to take me in if anything happened). Fortunately, she calmed down before I could leave, but she's still being really snoopy. My dad is still very depressed and since my sister is moving he's gotten worse. I wish it didn't have to end up like this, but ideally things will get better.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    When my "best" JW friend found out that I maybe disfellowshipped (for apostasy) he returned all but one of various items that I had entrusted with him for safekeeping. Several years after my disfellowshipping he, without letting me know, placed the last remaining item at my door almost causing a person to trip over it.
  • Alive!

    After years of me offering myself as a constant listening ear to her vitriolic venting re how she and her family were treated by elders and 'High profile' witnesses and their families, supporting and encouraging her to go out in service (Yeah OK - I know :-( ) giving her financial help, lending money for her children's medical bills, paying for lunches, dinners and more -well, when I voiced my despair re obvious lies and inconsistencies, she accused me of being ungrateful to Jehovah.

    I sent her stuff from our publications - with question - what are we saying????? How can we print this???

    She's an intelligent woman.

    She has cut me out of her life - I was her only true friend for years. Seriously.


  • steve2

    I never divulged my doubts and misgivings to anyone. When rumors flew that I was questioning the organization, one of my JW uncles confronted me, trying to goad me into spilling the beans.

    He said, "If you really think that you've got the truth, you should want to share it with us".

    I told him I did not think I had the truth and I had no desire to win converts.

    The exchange did not end there. but I was left in absolutely no doubt: Fading was not an option. If I wasn't fully in, then I was virtually out and others needed to avoid me if I was too proud to recognize Jehovah's organization had the truth.

    Keep in mind I had never ever said it did not have the truth. That reactionary lok-for-the-worst mentality was the caliber of thinking in my local congregation.

  • Oubliette

    They pretty much freaked out.

    It destroys their fantasies. Reality is more than they can handle.

  • Alive!

    Certainly, it became clear - you cannot question a darn thing.

    Its been said here before - to question the very existence of God is acceptable to a degree within the JW religion - that is a cause for empathy, encouragement and support - but question our 'annointed brothers' = the GB aka 'The complete and final FDS of seven' ╬Łever!!!

    Well, you know what - I wouldn't want to bring any human being into such a stranglehold - I don't want to 'study' the bible with anyone with the kind of manipulative training we've all had, the 'tricks' we learnt in the KM school, the so called 'conversation stoppers' - decades and decades of this intense 'selling' - and turned around in a blink of an eye to visual appeasement with feel good videos end cartoons.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    None of mine know. But I bet many relatives of others are reacting like this:

  • Saintbertholdt
    How did your close JWs react when they found out you know TTATT?

    I was thusly banished like Biblical Cain and now walk the earth in search of a new adventure every week.

    Image result for kung fu series cain

  • done4good

    One dear friend freaked out. I still want to fix that.

    One other, (related to the friend mentioned above), is tolerant, but keeps me at arm's length.

    The rest? I could care less. Fuck 'em.


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Fade going very well - so far!!

    Only the majority of the congregation ignore us - because we don't follow "their example."

    (Ecclesiastes 3:7) ".....A time to be silent and a time to speak..."

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