The Danse Macabre - at Long Last

by Farkel 40 Replies latest social entertainment

  • COMF

    Hey... Farkel was gonna stay at my house if he came to DallasFest. (glory by association )

  • Cassiline

    I do dub (no pun intended) thee,

    ‘Lord of the Danse Macabre’!!

    Brava, Brava

    Thank you again for all the wonderful music. The time and effort you put into sharing your gift of talent with all of us, it is very much appreciated!!


  • dedalus
    The most popular of Saint-Saens' works, it was inspired by Henri Cazali's poem on the dance of the dead on Hallowe'en.

    Farkel, you glorious dog returning to the vomit of this wicked world! It's a terrific piece! Frantic, frenetic -- deeply impressive.

    Dedalus, vomit-lapping class

  • Shakita

    Beautiful! What a great talent you have and the hard work you put into this piece was quite evident.

    Thanks for brightening up my day.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • outnfree

    Dear Farkel,

    I wish I were a music critic so that my thanks and admiration would have more meaning for you.



  • FlowerPower

    I too am of the vomit lapping class, and proud of it! What ever could I have been thinking??!! I robbed myself and and my children of a true appreciation of the arts, of social and political awareness, of love, and how good it feels to love and be loved. We each deserve to be loved and cherished by our parents, by our brothers, by our sisters, by our children, and their children. Damn it, by any living thing that happens to know us and see that we are good people. We do read and watch "satan" inspired literature and performing arts however. Does it mean that I am a bad person or does it mean that I am more open to differences that may be just of opinion, or culture, or are inherent and natural. You are allowed to beleive what you believe, I can believe what I believe. I wont try to convert you if you won't try to convert me. We will just get together occassionally and show our love to each other and then go back to our individual lives. Not sure where I am going with this, I guess I just used a lot of words to say, it's alright to be of the vomit lapping class, I know my "truth"! FlowerP There should never be a time in your life where you should be at odds with your loved one when there is at least one of you willing to listen and hear.

  • Farkel

    Edited because I'm an overly-sensitive whiner.


  • dedalus



  • wasasister

    Absolutely astounding, Fark! I need a few more times through to make intelligent comments, but I promise they are forthcoming. Congratulations; I believe you would make the composer proud. Your interpretation is brilliant.

    in awe, Wasa

  • Farkel


    : Not an easy piece to play,

    Now, THAT is a major understatement! Especially for dillatantes like me!


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