This generation will by no means pass away

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  • Darryl

    Good morning I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. There has been a lot of talk about the "new light" concerning the generation teaching. It's been a major part of the prophecy concerning the last days and of course since JWs are the only ones able to decipher and understand prophecy it is of great importance to get this main prophecy right. And as we all know they've blown it several times. I'm not exactly sure the first time they interpreted this prophecy and what wrong fulfillment they came up with but for this particular thread are there any here who were around in the early 80's. Do you remember the "new light" concerning this generation. Well for a long time it was stated with certainly that the generation that saw 1914 would by no means pass away, you just had to be alive in 1914. Well that teaching was altered slightly right around 80 or so, Now you not only had to be alive but you had to be old enough to recognize what the hell was going on in the world. I think the word they used was discern so you had to discern that the world was changing so that pushes things up a little since the age most people threw out there was 10 years old. It didn't concern the society because at the time they had plenty of time to play with since in 1982 if you were born in 1914 you were only 68. 10 in 1914 78 still a lot of years before an entire generation passes away considering many people live to their 90's. It was grave concern to me because I was just a young teenager at the time and they just cut 10 years off of the things I already would never experience. But here we are 30 plus years later, I wonder what the next fulfillment will be.

  • FayeDunaway

    This teaching in particular has changed with the times. Whenever they needed to add some years, they changed the interpretation. But this overlapping generations thing is particularly ridiculous and completely unbiblical. Desperation fueled. They will continue to do whatever it takes to make themselves the important ones.

  • prologos

    A glaring error of wt's application of this biblical prophecy is now already impossible to be fulfilled, because of the term : "not, by no means, pass away".

    Did Jesus, the anointed pass away? yes, and he quickly ended up in heaven (so it is claimed) Did Peter, Paul and Mary pass away? yes, and they arrived up in heaven in 1918 (so wt claims).** but

    by now limiting this generation, overlapping or not, to be the anointed, or partakers, wt predicted an already failed prophecy. why? because the biblical record has it to say "will not pass away". so, in the wt's predicted second fulfillment , more terrible than the flood, with fire , not water only, that is the culmination of all these things, the generation, (all the anointed, including the Governing body) will already have passed away, be gone , raptured before most of all these things (Armageddon) even starts.

    By switching to the anointed partaker generation, wt has guaranteed itself to be proven the false prophet. The overlapping fiasco is just a minor precursor of that realisation.

    ** How about Abraham, Martin and John? John yes, welcomed to the cleansed heavens in 1918. , Abraham and Martin not, because they did not partake of the wt emblems.

  • Darkknight757

    Bro. Splane used a vague scripture with reference to Joseph to try and explain the overlapping generation thing. It makes no sense.

    Genesis 50:22,23 states: 22 Joseph stayed in Egypt, along with all his father’s family. He lived a hundred and ten years 23 and saw the third generation of Ephraim’s children. Also the children of Makir son of Manasseh were placed at birth on Joseph’s knees.

    So in 110 years Joseph saw 3 generations of Ephraim's children. That roughly makes a generation 36 years long. There is nothing biblically to support an "overlapping generation".

    The generation Jesus was talking to in his prophecy saw all those things occur. There is no second fulfillment. And if there is, God has a lousy way of announcing it to the earth. The Jehovah's Witnesses preaching is a monumental failure. Surely if God was backing a group to save people he would do a better job than having them stand next to carts, silently waiting for someone foolish enough to approach them.

  • shadow

    Mary died a few years ago but Peter and Paul are still alive

  • prologos

    The only generation that could not pass away are the wt "other sheep" They are the millions that wt predicted in 1918 that will never die, never, not pass away.

    To nail a witness on that, ask , to start, the defining question: did "all these things " include the destruction of the temple, of Jerusalem? Did all these things include all "tribulation(s) since the world's beginning" read Math 24:21: Did the total destruction during the flood happen since " the world's beginning"?, so, do you agree all these things must include Armageddon? will the other sheep survive Armageddon?-- er-- yes, will the anointed generation survive Armageddon--er-- . no, they will pass away to heaven. ask your elders about that.

  • BluesBrother

    A few years back a C/O , discussing and "selling" the new overlapping generation boldly declared " Boy ! have we had fun with THIS scripture! ". So they have, if you call if fun..

    It just shows they don't know what they are doing and make it up as they go along.... Holy Sprit Guided ? what a joke!

  • prologos
    shadow: "Mary died a few years ago but Peter and Paul are still alive

    You got it, the whole generation sing (german accent) is a joke.

  • prologos

    1914 is the only date as such that wt ever got right, although everything that they predicted about it is wrong, 1914: is wt's crowning achievement, that is why they so stubbornly hang on to it. but

    by then making the 1914 overlapping anointed groups generation their flagship ( kingdom heirs ) doctrine, they hang themselves truth wise, proven now!, you don't have to wait for 2075 to see that.

  • Hadriel

    1914 is categorically not right. I won't go into it here as it is too long to type but it is simply inaccurate. If you take one point alone, that being positions of heavenly bodies you come to the realization that 1914 is false. In order for it to be right certain celestial events that occurred and were written down would have had to have happened completely out of sequence of those very eclipses etc both before and after up to our current day.

    Eclipses are pretty exacting. As such 607 is false which makes 587 false. Period end of story.

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