Do You Like To Gamble?

by minimus 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Do I like to gamble?

    You bet

  • crownboy

    Do You Like To Gamble?

    Once in a while.

  • Mary

    My sister called me last Saturday morning and asked "how much do you win for getting 6 numbers out of 7 on the Super7? (lottery in Canada).....

    She won $2,574.00 on a quick-pick! However once we realized that, we also realized that she was one frigging number off and she would have won the $12,500,000 jackpot!!

  • minimus

    I find that I generally enjoy the company of gamblers. Most of the gamblers that I have known are fun, spontaneous people. They will take risks in their life and are not boring....Minumus, the Gambler

  • aarque

    In March of 1987 I was scheduled for a lumpectomy and was half scared out of my wits. The night before the surgery, a family member took me out to play bingo to get my mind off things for a while. The first game of the evening was a three part special. The first part was a $50 which someone won. The second part was $150 which I won with another person and we split. The last part was a full card blackout for $500, for which I was the only winner. Needless to say, my mind completely off the upcoming surgery for the rest of the evening.

    The next morning I underwent the surgery. The tumor was removed successfully and everything was fine. I now refer to is as my "bingo surgery" because the tumor was B-9 (benign).

  • JH

    Honestly, I don't gamble. I think the dubs had that one right. (put the money in the contribution boxes instead)

    Here in Kanada, there is a popular lottery game called 6/49 and your chances or winning the jackpot is about 1 in 14 million.

    With my luck I wouldn't even win if I had 1 chance out of 2.

    There is a brother in my congregation that won 2 million $ playing lotto a couple of years before joining the dubs. He quit his job and pioneers all the time with his wife now. "oh so spiritual"

    I should tell the elders: "Can I play lotto like that brother, who knows I might win the jackpot, and then I might be able to give all my time in the field service"

  • minimus

    JH, Obviously, nothing bad happened to this man. He was "exemplary" enough to pioneer....Hmm

  • freedom96

    I view reasonable gambling as recreation. I love to go to Vegas, and I can just as easy spend a $100 on a show, or at the tables. So, sometimes I will take a certain predetermined amount, and play. When I am done, I leave.

    I have sat at a blackjack table for 8 hours with an original $20. For me, it is entertainment. For others, who cannot control their spending, or do not have the money to be wasting, they should spend their hard earned money elsewhere.

  • ISP

    Done a bit. I am a member of a casino. Play black jack. About even. had my good days and bad!

    Its fun more than anything.


  • minimus

    How we spend our own money is examined by the "brothers". We have to account to the organization for everything. Even if we decide to spend our money foolishly on an unnecessary purchase, that's our business.

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