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  • TonusOH

    If I am remembering correctly, they taught (still teach??) that after Armaggedon, there would be a 1,000 year period where the dead would be resurrected and the work of cleaning up the world would go on. At the end of that period (ie, 7,000 years after the end of the last creative day) there would be a short time where Satan would be released and humanity would go through one final period of testing and culling.

  • jhine

    Thanks Lee for explaining that.

    Jan from Tam

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    As I recall, they were still teaching the chronology that 6000 years of man's existence, that is from the creation of Adam, was to end in 1975. The gentile times would end and usher in the next 1000 years (hence the '7000' on the platform) would be the Millenial reign.

    That is true except they taught, and still teach that the Gentile Times ended in 1914 CE. That's 2,520 years from 607 BCE.

    They now call the Creative Days "thousands of years" each rather than 7,000 years as they did.

    I wonder how long they can hang on to this twaddle. You will not find many people who believe humans have been on the earth for just over 6,000 years.


  • cofty

    Thanks for posting that. I was there too. Travelling back and forward to Airdrie each evening. The dramas were the highlights of the convention for the children. At least there was something to look at instead of the trains, the steam from the brewery and the planes heading for Turnhouse.

  • ThomasCovenant

    "worldly" people. From the day they are born they know they are going to get old and die. We, as JW's were brainwashed into thinking we would never get old''

    That's what makes it even more sad than the usual feelings you get for looking at things past.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    This is one of the most damaging and dangerous teachings of the WTBorg society.

    If you can realize and shake this teaching from 'your' or any PIMOs head,,, you deserve a "medal" just for that.

  • Rivergang

    This is further evidence that it was not only in their literature that the JWs emphasised the 1975 theme.

    There were also other, more subtle means used to present the same theme - such as the signage which was displayed on the stage at a district assembly.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    You understand now why the Borg is so adamant about its sheeple(victims) researching its past.

  • LongHairGal


    That is certainly true about ‘worldly people’ knowing that they are going to die someday.

    I can imagine that it must be shocking for a born-in JW to come to terms with being taught they were not.

    I was raised Catholic and came into the JW religion when in my 20s. I never entirely bought into their belief about ‘not getting old or dying’.. But, I kept my thoughts to myself and figured other people in the religion can believe what they want.

    When I finally ‘Faded’ from the Witness religion, the first thing I did was to rid my mind of any vestiges of paradise teachings or live forever fantasies. I felt this was an unhealthy trick to play on my mind.. I had no problem and figured it was because I never really bought it - among other things Witnesses taught.

  • Weearchie15

    Brings back memories, Im of a similar age to the OP and this was possibly my first Murrayfield assembly. I remember sitting on the bleachers, the food and meal tickets, counting the carriages of the passing trains. Also remember going to Ibrox when Murrayfield was being redeveloped then Perth for a few years. My mum is still 'in' whereas I've been 'out' over 20 years.

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