EU court upholds an employer's right to ban religious symbols

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  • Fisherman

    The workplace is no place for religious paraphernalia that interferes with the job you are being paid for. If you don't like it find another job or open your own business and dress how you like,

  • Spoletta

    I happen to enjoy interacting with people of other cultures and religions when I'm out and about. But that's just me.

    I have no problems with a certain dress or fashion code, as long as it's implemented fairly. Certainly you wouldn't want to alienate any of your customers.

  • shadow

    An attack on Babylon the Great

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    should a Jew be forced to take off his kippah or a Catholic woman her cross?

    They're not. They're free to choose their employment elsewhere. And (without having followed this specific ruling) I'm quite sure the employer has to make a case as for why the religious symbols are unwanted in a certain function?

    In my country smoking on the job is illegal. Does that force people to stop smoking?

    Can a hospital demand from its JW medical employees that they provide care according to existing standards, including use of blood products?

    Can a shop owner demand from his JW employee that he assists the customers with any purchase they make, including tobacco products and porn magazine?

    Are the JW forced in those cases?

  • waton
    Everybody in Europe is free to believe and worship as they wish.

    but in many areas they do so at their own peril. But for example, given the admirers of Kleptus freer reign has meant others have to make unwilling sacrifices.

  • tor1500


    I think that you should be able to wear what you want according to your long as you don't infringe on others...someone said, they like the difference in cultures, I agree...

    I'm a witness...I don't wear anything that identifies me as one....I will not wear a pin that say a JW isn't a badge of honor as many witnesses believe...I show by my conduct who I am...I don't want anyone to avoid me because I'm a witness... when I speak with folks it's just about what is fair and right...then they ask me, why are you so even tempered, it seems nothing bothers you...and so on....I share with them why I'm at peace....viola, a couple of minutes I can add to my REPORT CARD TO GOD...LOL...LOL... might even place some literature....say I'm a witness but I'm not a fanatical one...if you like what I say, and want to talk, I'm avail. If you don't like what I say....then I don't worry about it....but when they are interested in the org....I'm very honest....I tell them ..we are imperfect people so don't come to the hall, and think we walk water....we are human,and do messed up stuff just like everyone else...I explain, the love bombing then the DF'ing..and so on, I lay it all out...then it's up to them...see what the JW's do they reel you in without telling you the truth, then they love bomb you then you're so deep in...and you see how they really are....then you are have to be a pretty strong person to leave...depending if you care if they care....

    Side point...someone said, the NYT picked up this why haven't they picked up the story of child abuse in the org...amazing.....they care more about the outer person more than the lives of is it that gets printed but the many stories of child abuse....too many to ignore....the media is all connected...NYT knows about the ARC....everything is being exposed except the org...

    So the question is who is protecting the org...


  • Fisherman
    should a Jew be forced to take off his kippah or a Catholic woman her cross?
    Maybe they should. In High School, all must salute the flag, no hats, All JW out of the room and wait outside during flag salute. No hats or kippas worn by anyone inside the school. There was a jewish teacher who wore a kippa disguised as a toupe, wigs were allowed. I think it is a waste of time having to work around people. A person should have to adapt to everybody else and not the other way around to accomodate their religion.

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