Video-Man in Field Service asks to speak to a woman's 15-year old Daughter

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  • carla

    In my experience with them knocking on my doors they NEVER want to say they are jw's. I once asked a woman 3 times in a row, "are you a jehovah witness?" she would not identify herself as one. On my last and final very loud time she finally admitted it.

    Years later in a jw discussion with my jw I asked him why, if they are so proud to be 'one of' jw's then why won't they even admit it at the doors? His response was that if they did people would just shut the door in their face. So, you know people don't want to talk to you and yet you still insist on annoying them? and that is their 'fine witness'.

  • BottleGate_

    @JessicaKIRO7Interviewed elder Erik Larson about a JW stalking a 15-year-old girl- but what Jessica Oh does not realize is that Larson is a predator stalker himself!! He repeatedly stalked Brandon @fiquett, asking sexual questions in front of his fiancee's minor son.
  • BottleGate_

    "I actually know people who know this family. They said she does not have any JW "friends" or people from school she'd have given her name and address to. Everything about this was shady as hell. I'm so glad she went momma bear on his ass to protect her underage daughter. "


  • Finkelstein

    I'll take another guess to this situation in that the woman at the door was just simply a woman and in the mindset of JWS men, she doesn't have or equate the respect that a man would be offered.

    This tells the clear story of just how delusional JWS men can be in their self assumed spiritual power.

    Of course the concerned protective mother would want to know who this stranger is at their door asking for her daughter ........idiot.

  • Simon

    This seems like a non-story. The JWs obviously had the girls name and address by evidence that they were knocking on the right door and asking for the right person.

    So the options seem to be that there is a genuine explanation, she has expressed interest or someone else has given her details online as a prank


    The brother is the worst stalker of teenage girls ever - asking the parent for her at the door and bringing a 'sister' with him?

    The latter seems far-fetched and makes no sense, despite some being desperate to believe it and showing their bias and lack of balance. It seems more like a setup, and I don't blame him for not wanting someone videoing him.

  • Finkelstein

    So Simon if two men in suits with brief cases in hand came to your front door unsuspectingly and right away asked to speak to one of your sons by name, that wouldn't spark up any inquisitiveness to why ?

    You have to keep in mind in this situation that this particular girl is only 15 years old living with her parents, not an adult woman

  • Finkelstein

    I think the other reason the mother got so objectionable and heated up was that when the man said they are JWS and wanted to talk to her daughter, the emotive reaction and rejection fired up.

    I think if I personally had this happen to myself to use an analogy if two Mormon adults came to my front door unsuspectingly and ask to speak to my 15 year old son by name, that would probably spark up a similar reaction.

  • Simon
    if two men in suits with brief cases in hand

    There's nothing sinister about carrying a bag, if it was a weapon I'd be concerned.

    came to your front door unsuspectingly

    You mean unexpectedly, as in "without prior appointment". You are using "unsuspectingly" to suggest some sinister motive or behavior.

    and right away asked to speak to one of your sons by name

    It would be weirder if they made conversation for 20 minutes and then asked for them. If you are calling to see someone particular, you ask for them and yes, the definition of that is "by name". Again, you're trying to make out something sinister by how you describe it.

    that wouldn't spark up any inquisitiveness to why?

    Yes, I'd ask why and call them and if they weren't there for a good reason I'd ask them to leave. Not really the crime of the century is it?

    You have to keep in mind in this situation that this particular girl is only 15 years old living with her parents, not an adult woman

    So? A 15 year old is capable of signing up for something that would cause someone to knock on the door and ask for them or as we know, someone else could do it as a prank or to get on the news by video taping the encounter.

    Again, do you honestly think someone is up to something untoward by knocking on the door, asking to speak to someone they obviously have the correct address for and bringing along a young woman with them? How are they supposed to know the age of the person?

    Hardly seems to be the behavior of someone up to no good, it seems like typical JW witnessing work and trying to bend it into something else is rather sick.

    The guy doesn't need his face plastered over social media and labelled as something he isn't and trying to push that narrative just shows how obsessive and biased some of us can be.

  • Finkelstein

    How are they supposed to know the age of the person?

    The guy probably foreknew that she was a young girl by the person who took down her name and address .

    It would be different of course if the daughter had previously told her mother about the social interaction she had with the JWS but that bit of information wasn't disclosed.

    I still think it comes down to the age of the girl and how concerning and protective parents can be with teens of that age.

    Most of the general public already has an objectionable viewpoint about JWS, as they come to their private homes trying to sell their religion and literature.

    They see them sometimes on the streets selling their literature/religion and think what a whack job these people are..

    Then one time a couple of these weirdos come to your home "unexpectedly" and try to speak to their young teenaged daughter.

    A reaction like what this woman did is really not surprising given the circumstances.

    Why this guy had to strike the woman wasn't quite clear.

    Was this particular situation newsworthy to be broadcast like it did ?

    Not really

    I had abrupt unexpectedly responses from people when I was out in service.

    ........but I honestly never had to strike the home owner, I just walked away.

  • Finkelstein

    I think what happened was the girl did actually gave out her name and address but when the JWs eventually showed up at her home, she denied she did to her mother and her mother took that with a thought there was something mischief going on.

    A bit of twisted misinformation that got played out, that ended up looking like it was a lot worse than it really was.

    Kids what are you going to do ?

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