Video-Man in Field Service asks to speak to a woman's 15-year old Daughter

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  • TakeOffTheCrown

    Has anyone seen this video of a man out in field service asking a woman if he can speak to her 15 year old daughter by name? It is rather disturbing.

    The link takes you directly to the News Station. I could not insert the video.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Very interesting. One possible scenario: The girl had a conversation with them at a display stand. Gave them their address, but didn't tell her parents about it. Now to save face, she lies about it. This would explain why the brother didn't want to tell the parents. JWs don't mind preaching in the parent's back if they can save a soul.

  • Listener

    He was given ample opportunity to explain and chose not to.

  • Tameria2001

    Even if the girl did have a previous conversation with that man, it still does not excuse him for not telling the mother who he is, and then later for hitting the mother.

  • nowwhat?

    Typical jdub. When things go off script they don't know what to do

  • TakeOffTheCrown

    It may have been more appropriate for the sister to knock on the door while the brother stands aside; identify themselves immediately and just speak to the lady of the house.

  • Listener

    Another possibility was that they received a bible study request via JW org and it was either genuine or a prank.

  • WTWizard

    Just to get everyone they can into the cancer. They will study with teens, or even children, without their parents' permission if they feel it will result in a study. Studying a book full of curses on the whole human race has the most potentially serious adverse consequences of all things I can think of, and when someone alters it to fit a religion that goes totally against nature is even more serious. Even jesus, according to their own theology, was 30 when baptized--and he was supposedly raised in it.

    Given the dire consequences of tying into such horrible energy, plus that they can and will steal everything from their victims (including their time), I believe that 21 is a good minimum age to study with this cancer (if one needs to be 21 to legally smoke weed, then why not at least that for something that is perhaps even more dangerous). And that assumes this whole scam can't be totally outlawed--along with the whole book of lies and curses, so they will not have that energy to push Noahide Law on the whole planet. (And then wonder why the age to study this cancer should be at least 21, or totally banned.)

  • Theonlyoneleft

    I think the scariest thing is that witnesses think this is ok and see no problem with it. That a child is safe with them. Hmmm... not true.

    If I was in the same situation I also would freak out a little if I knew nothing about the wits.

    These parents don’t know the how, when or why, so of course their reaction is normal.

    The witness behaviour is not right though... a simple explanation would probably suffice and put everyone at ease.

    The fact that that brother didn’t want to explain himself just made the whole thing look weird and with second intentions. And his violent conduct is wrong. BUT GREAT.... in a way... he’s just giving jws a bad name. Lol

    I had someone coming in March and leave a leaflet for the memorial... my daughter said I was not home, they asked for me by my name. Then I realised that I must have mentioned in the past. 😒

    Darn I thought! I now have a sticker on my door that prevents witnesses even to ring the bell. And it works!!!!

    my kids now know better than to open the door too... I’ve warned them not to just in case.

    We don’t want to be disturbed with their mambo jumbo

  • LauraV

    Preach the word but don't be accountable when asked questions. The thing that caught my eye is when he tried to knock the camera out of her hand or actually hit her. I wish she would've landed a straight right into his chest for self defense. What scripture is it that the states you may get violent in field service if asked a question you don't want to answer?

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