JWsurvey Scoop of Annual Meeting...No more TMS?? Further Magazine Reduction

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  • Vidiot

    I particularly liked this bit:

    "I am witnessing a Governing Body that, already unable to claim control over ALL of its 8 million members (many of whom stay inside through fear rather than choice), cannot even stop leaks from the Bethelites it sits down for breakfast with."

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    That's exactly what it is. A religion which controls people by fear.
  • curiousconfused
    I am a serving elder, and this letter has not been sent to the Jw.org inbox. I think this is a very well written hoax, by someone who has mastered the language and syntax used in society letters. It's clever, I'll say that. I'd say it's an experiment to see how many R&F are whispering about all this is advance of the AGM..... Of course I might be wrong.....
  • sir82

    this letter has not been sent to the Jw.org inbox. I think this is a very well written hoax,

    Check your JW.org "documents - letters" for the 9-21-15 LBOE.

    While that letter only hints at what is to come, it does portend something big which will be posted on October 3, and dated October 4.

  • curiousconfused
    Nothing had been sent to UK elders Sir82.... Either as a letter or via the inbox.....
  • sir82

    aha....I am in the US so that may explain it.

    Rest assured, every US elder has the 9/21 letter.

    And the (evidently leaked) 10/4 letter is written in absolutely perfect Watchtowerese. If it is a fake it is the best I've ever seen.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    I laugh because people outside the US often say this is a US religion. And here's proof!
  • curiousconfused
    @sir82, nothing ever really surprises me anymore, but I've read the letter again a few times, and while it's good, really good, it's not right in the zone..... So I'm still going with hoax... :)
  • fukitol

    Chair tinkering on their sinking ship and a few new splashes of whitewash on their grave full of dead men's bones.

    The revamped midweek meeting is still 1 hour 45mins. Hopelessly too long still but they just can't bear to dump the pointless' book study' as a sad hangover from the old home book study arrangement. What was once the most fun, brief and relaxed meeting (and scripturally correct per the first century mode) in people's homes was bastardised by being merged into a far too long and dull giant midweek meeting.

    Although most JWs will privately rejoice at the long overdue dumping of the torturous and hated TMS, these latest changes will do absolutely nothing to boost rapidly falling mid week attendance. Probably make it worse.

    Shows also they still don't give a shit about families with young children enduring such a long tedious borefest with the little ones not getting home to bed until well after 9pm.

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