So which of the JW Teachings did you never buy into?

by berylblue 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • berylblue

    I have so many, I don't know where to start.

  • teejay

    All of them. I was a believer.

  • blondie

    1975 and I said so when people tried to make me believe the end was coming then. "At a time you think not."


  • Matty

    I certainly believed that there was a flood, and that Noah and his family were the only humans to survive, but I never bought the idea that it was truly Earth-wide and that every single animal bar none in the world went into the ark two by two.

    The Watchtower society have really stretched themselves by accepting this part of the bible completely literally and I found great difficulty with it even when I was a loyal dub.

  • greven

    The flood, female inferiority, blood well basically all of them.


  • dmouse

    I was always keenly interested in history, even as a dub, so I was always aware that generations previous to ours suffered more from famine and disease than we ever have.

    That's the main thing that convinced me that it was all a crock - the fact that lies and misinformation were used so extensively and totally without compunction to convince the rank and file we were living in the last days. If they could lie about that what else were they lying about (turns out to have been quite a lot!)?

  • wednesday

    1975 , DF, shunning, most of the holidays. I was vocal about 75, and openly refused to shun, but kept quiet about the holidays.

  • Mutz

    I have always had an interest in Astronomy and Science in general so a lot of the WTBS psuedo-science just didn't wash with me. I can remember studying the Creation book and hearing people say how good it was but feeling that it wasn't making sense or sound scientific arguments. Shunning was something else that I couldn't get my head around, I talked to disfellowshipped people simply because I could see how shitty they felt being cut off. And I will freely admit that I could never understand the reasonings used in a lot of the Watchtower studies. I thought it was me not spiritual enough, but now with hindsight I realise it was because they were total bollocks! :)

  • ChakkaConned

    I never completely bought into the grandiose notion that God was dealing with mankind exclusively through the WBTS. I always felt that he would deal with people at a personal level, if he dealt with them at all. I gave them credit that they were trying hard to please God by the inane preaching work and constant "gathering together" but I never truly felt that this warranted their claims of being God's sole channel on earth. I viewed them as the religion closest to applying the scriptures but didn't feel the organization was inspired or worthy of any sort of diefication.

  • acsot

    Jonah in the belly of the fish – I mean, how could he breathe? Jehovah made an extra large air pocket inside the fish for poor ol’ Jonah?

    Why did Moses not get into the Promised Land just for striking the rock yet King David could get away with literal murder?

    Why the head coverings for women? because of angels? What the h&ll do they care? Talk about male insecurity, even projecting it onto angelic creatures.

    Also, as dmouse wrote, history shows that previous generations were much worse off than we are. I’d rather be living now than at any other period of time – there’s better health care, less infant mortality, better working conditions, etc. Sure don’t seem like the “last days” to me.

    And those silly prophetic types/antitypes in Revelation, with different conventions being the fulfillment of this time period and that time period, when even by stretching it somewhat you still didn’t end up with the date of the conventions. (Was it the three trumpet blasts or something?)

    And still I believed!

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