WT Storm Troopers Good news Bad News

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  • minimus

    Caspian, You have confirmed what we all knew was the reason for the elder's sudden interest in the inactive flock. They don't do anything like this because they care. They do it because Watchtower says so. If, in the future, they try to corner me, I will tell them nothing except that I do not have to account to them for anything.

  • Mary

    What a bunch of total idiots they are. Too bad they wouldn't spend their time doing good instead of trying to get rid of anyone they deem a threat.


  • basics-for-me

    After the recent storm that brewed up just prior to xmas, I was on red alert. I hung extra thick curtains so as my pagan lights would not be visible to the outside world and took other precautions so as not to be caught out.

    Yet I have heard hardly anything from the ineffectual, half-witted, pseudo-do-gooder-alledged-welder.

    They have dropped of the rag wt/a mags and kingdom miserys ministrys and that is about it!?!?

    Either it was a storm in a tea cup or else the welders are truly as spineless as I already thought they were.

    BOLLOCKS to them, I'm enjoying my life now. the longer it takes them, the more determined I am that I will NEVER go back.


  • ISP

    I've been inactive for 3 years ......no visits yet!


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