The "Good Old Days" - what made em' good?

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  • Jehalapeno

    Today would be the good old days if we didn’t have Twitter and Facebook.

    Those things have just poisoned our society and how we treat each other.

    Poured gasoline on our tribal natures.

  • Terry
  • SAHS

    The thing that really bugs me about these most recently modern times are all these stupid “new laws,” turning our North American/European countries into a totalitarian fascist police state, wherein, as an example, kids can’t even go riding their bicycles around town – or even on their own street – without their parents being subject to being arrested!

    And it’s disgustingly maddening how Big Brother Government is dictating to us every little aspect of our lives – such as where we can take photographs, and even where we can go within our own country (i.e., state laws, including “loitering in a high drug area” just for innocently driving down the road, etc.).

    Yes, life was much, much simpler and freer back in the days gone past, despite the lack of iPhone progress.

  • cyberjesus

    the good 'al days..... a phrase that every generation will repeat.

    yesterday was better than today.

    however my kids tend to disagree with me..

    so which good old days were better... .mine, yours or theirs?

    the generation gap.

    the overlappiing generation gap.

    my son spends lots of time in YouTube and in the good all day i watched mtv.

    i wonder what he will hate of his own children

  • snugglebunny

    The good old days were much better for many kids. Today's over-parented little darlings know nothing about what constitutes an acceptable risk. The UK police are having a hard time recruiting millennials as they're appalled at the idea of shift work and/or any confrontation whatsoever. We've raised a bunch of scaredy cats.

  • jws

    It's just a psychological thing that we remember the good and tend to ignore the bad, thus thinking the old days were always better.

    And then the tendency to resist change and new things. You don't catch on as quickly and tend to let the world pass you by and you tend to ignore the new.

    Those good old radio days? Your great-great grandparents probably thought that it was horrible that you weren't reading books, because that's where it was at for the mind.

    Then when TV became popular, people reminisced about radio. Nowadays, I'm sure there's people reminiscing about the days when there were only 3 channels and your home had only one TV and you all gathered in one room to watch the big show of the evening. And we probably remember that fondly.

    Instead of blaming the next generation, ask what we did to create that generation. We've created a society where greed and corporations run our lives. We're bombarded by ads and logos on everything. There's a million entertainment choices so that we can constantly be fed advertising no matter what our personal tastes. Don't like the G-rated family fare, watch the sexier shows with different ads. Like sports? Watch that with ads? Sci-fi, there's a channel for that loaded with ads. Whatever you're into, there's an outlet for that where you can get fed with advertising prompting you to buy, buy, buy.

    Where big corporations don't allow us to earn a descent wage anymore either. Car prices are outrageous. Home prices too. Meanwhile, corporations plot as to how they can game the system so as to not give you benefits or to keep your wages to a minimum. While their owners make millions and billions in bonuses off the backs of the already poor.

    And we wonder why the next generation doesn't have the same values?

  • myelaine

    ...subjective "good old days"...let me think 🙄

  • TheWonderofYou
    Sadly I cannot imagine how a Radioday might have been like.... we often watch Netflix together but how much brutality is shown in the films. Often we switch such scenes. Often we like listening together also symphonical ooncerts.
  • myelaine

    .dear Terry...

    And the angel took me and led me thence to a fifth heaven. And the gate was closed. And I said, Lord, is not this gate-way open that we may enter? And the angel said to me, We cannot enter until Michael comes, who holds the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; but wait and thou shalt see the glory of God. And there was a great sound, as thunder. And I said, Lord, what is this sound? And he said to me, Even now Michael, the commander of the angels, comes down to receive the prayers of men. And behold a voice came, Let the gates be opened. And they opened them,and there was a roar as of thunder. And Michael came, and the angel who was with me (cough,,😳) came face to face with him and said, Hail, my commander, and that of all our order. And the commander Michael said, Hail thou also, our brother, and the interpreter of the revelations to those who pass through life virtuously (🕵️‍♂️). And having saluted one another thus, they stood still. And I saw the commander Michael said, Hail thou also, our brother, and the interpreter of the revelations to those who pass through life virtuously. And having saluted one another thus, they stood still. (3 baruch 11)


    love michelle ❤

  • Terry

    Good Old (overlapping) Days

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