"Slaving For Jehovah Is Great, Because Your Life Won't Go Wrong." Sigh...

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  • Boredposter

    Ahh, ok, thanks dubstepped. It's funny examples like these are still put out there at conventions. Especially since if you talk with most elders they seem to emphasize "being balanced". Also, most elders work full-time and make a decent living. Aren't the elders the "real" examples in the congregation. I just drove by a Kingdom Hall today and saw a long time elder I hadn't seen in many years still driving a very expensive vehicle. He always had nice vehicles in fact. Never can figure out what the Watchtower really wants. Balance or slaves?

  • Jayk

    I was wondering what PIMO ment also. I remember back in the day how everyone thought the social media myspace was a bad thing and they talked about it at the convention. But Facebook is ok and everyone even the org has one. I almost went to my cousins baptism a few months ago and everyone got all mad because I "missed out on a important event in my cousins life and I complain I don't get invited enough to family stuff"

  • waton

    The rewarding thing about being a wt slave is, that from that low, anything will be an up, positive.

  • Cimarrona

    There are several examples of racially charged WT language that really shows the impact that the social climate of late 19th/early 20the century U.S. had on the org - overseer, pioneer, and slave come to mind.

  • Boredposter

    Interesting Cimarrona. I hadn't really ever thought about how the old language is still in affect. It would probably be smart of them to update some of those terms. Maybe bring back 'colporteur'? Nevermind.

  • Jayk
    Can we have a moment of silence for all the sister who will never orgasm and for the brothers who will never get a blow job..
  • WTWizard

    How can being a slave to the one being that wants so much to degrade the whole human race be anything but negative? If you quit everything to work more for joke-hova, you are going to have a miserable stagnant life. You will lose out on virtually everything that is fun--while your soul simply rots away. You will pay when Saturn reaches your fifth house, and especially if Capricorn or Aquarius is within (part or all) of that house within your life. (And jokehovian witlesses do not know when this is going to happen because they do not even peek at astrology.)

    Additionally, they will be working for the damnation and enslavement of the whole human race and whatever races of valuable life may exist on other planets. Is that what you want to be doing with your life? Do you want your life to be full of stagnation, to be destitute in your later life, to always be miserable and suffer for nothing, and have your soul end up in heaven where it becomes a meal for joke-hova (and yes, that is what happens if you go to heaven--it is nothing more than bait for that abomination to lure its prey), just so you can help enslave the whole world?

  • smiddy3

    So if they are total slaves, who is paying for their rent and food? Not "The Master

    Satan`s system of things of course ,the Govt.who provides them "welfare"/ unemployment benefits , the dole or whatever is applicable wherever you live

    Hypocrites they are ,condemn this system of things but bludge off of it all the time..

  • tiki

    So who supports these slaves? Are they parasites on society? This whole story is beyond obnoxious and distasteful. Those ladies need to get a job and a real life.

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