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  • steve2

    Excellent points fulano. We ex-JWs and others would have an entirely different "problem" on our hands if Bethel was a place that truly looked after Bethelites' total wellbeing and care. Then we'd probably have to say something like, "Don't let the total care package fool you....."

    No, as it is, JW organization is responding in a fully consistent manner: Organization first and foremost, individual's wellbeing and care, a distant second. Looking back on the abysmal record of abuses, the organization is acting true to its historical form.

    There never was a "golden age" of JW organization ever putting individual's care and wellbeing first.

  • talesin

    What is it that the WTS tells those of us, baptized as children, who are now disfellowshipped?

    Oh yeah, "you made your bed, now lie in it." I'm sure those Bethelites would agree. I feel pity for those who will live in poverty, and be subjected to the dangers, lack of medical care, hunger and everything else that goes along with being poor in our culture. But, they chose this life for themselves.


  • bobld
    It's a loving provision from Jehovah.The blessing it brings can be seen in the experiences of these brothers in the WT mags.Also the free education they receive at bethel is second to none.Such as:law,nursing,computer programmers,IT,web design, b'casting,construction(electrician.plumbering,painters),custodian,the list goes on and on.They can hit the jobs running after they leave bethel.Iam jealous hehehehe.
  • Listener
    Providing ex Bethelites with 2 weeks living costs for every year of service would be the morally right thing to do.
  • Sabin
    @Billy, that is absolutely terrible, some people right or wrong give their all to whatever they are doing, & many would have given up a lot to serve at bethel. To be pushed to that point. I bet they don't give them any numbers or other organizations that could help them cope. No just a rely on Jehovah & if it doesn't work out well then it`s your fault for being so spiritually weak. Bastards! They will be welcome here because we are not like the JW. We like people.
  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "We ex-JWs and others would have an entirely different 'problem' on our hands if Bethel was a place that truly looked after Bethelites' total wellbeing and care. Then we'd probably have to say something like, 'Don't let the total care package fool you'..."


    In many ways, the WTS makes our work that much easier.

    steve2 - "...There never was a 'golden age' of JW organization ever putting individual's care and wellbeing first."

    Just a Golden Age of expansion, growth, and wealth.

  • steve2

    Actually, Vidiot, the quote you atribute to cappytan is mine.

  • Vidiot


    Sorry about that.

  • baldeagle

    Steve2 I’m in full agreement with your observations and comments. In the past I have never once rejoiced with seeing anyone at all losing their job even if I didn’t like the individual. My thought was I wouldn’t like that to happen to me and would never wish the same on anyone else.

    But this new round of Bethelites stood quietly by over the years watching longtime friends & co-workers get thrown into the darkness of the unknown world. They were not ever able to protest or voice any dissent. They offered up phony smiles of support and repeated typical WTS platitudes. Deep inside though they were happy THEY had dodged a bullet. And who can blame them. In one fell swoop a person leaving Bethel loses everything. They lose room and board, co-workers, their local congregation friend’s, and comfortable amenities. They had a daily routine and generally no large savings.

    I have seen far too many have a very horrible and difficult time of it in the real world. Believe me it’s impossible to make up the years from say age 25 to 50. These are considered your main wage earning years where you get experience and gain seniority generally speaking. You will never get those income earning younger years back. There is no Rewind Button in life. Typically those are the years when you have good health and great energy.

    This is what I said on an earlier thread. All JW’s were so confident of the special connection their leaders had with the Almighty. Do not suggest that you were ever questioning the GB! It may sound mean but I really feel zero sympathy for these JW’s in fulltime service and their delusions of grandeur.

    Remember their famous go to scripture, “For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.”

    So be it then, there are many fulltime servants who never remotely anticipated the year 2015 soon to be 2016 arriving & are now getting jettisoned out on their butts. Maybe Jah wasn’t such a great employer after all. They should have got a job in the public sector in Satan’s world.

    As far as I’m concerned they are getting exactly what they deserve. Now go get a job and start paying for your own rent & provide for your own needs like the rest of the world.

  • KateWild

    Well I feel for those who thought they were giving all they had to Jehovah. I myself gave up a career as a chemical analyst to pioneer for Jehovah. I gave him everything.

    I have now been out for two years and volunteering and retraining as I can't go back to my old career. I have lost my seniority.

    I empathise with them and will help and support any that visit this site.....especially to avoid suicides if I can.

    Kate xx

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