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  • steve2

    What happens to ex-Bethelites is really of no concern to the GB. And equally no concern to us as ex-JWs or those who question JW organization.

    Layoffs have happened at headquarters and elsewhere for many, many years - although the scale this time is larger than previously, being an all time high: 1,600.

    For the record, we should spare any sympathy/empathy for those who are about to sent packing this time. They cannot ever say it is a shock for they undoubtedly watched in silence as earlier ones were laid off. Where was the concern then? The silence from Bethelites has always been deafening.

    Surely the massive n umber one lesson from the latest layoffs from still-ins is this: You can no longer claim to be taken by surprise when you are laid off Bethel and have to go out in the "real" world and make a living. Poor baby! Not.

    And in the local congregations with a smattering of "spiritual" eyed publishers/pioneers, the Johnny or Janet JWs can no longer look to Bethel and expect it to provide them a type of substitute career. Those days are over. Get used to it quickly and have the nerve to build your own life. Yep, I know, some of those laid off will be older ones. But they have sat by and watched earlier batches of older ones laid off.

    This should be absolutely no surprise whatsowever.

    If anything comes out of this I really hope it is less shock and concern over those laid off.

    Indeed, it might be just what they need to wake up and smell the decay.

    We'd have a harder job to do with TTATT if JW.organization actually cared for and looked after its own, wouldn't we.

    Dry those crocodile tears and put a smile on your face: For at least some who are laid off, TTATT will now be far more obvious.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    'Mother' is revealing herself as Cruella De ViL!
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Surely the massive n umber one lesson from the latest layoffs from still-ins is this: You can no longer claim to be taken by surprise when you are laid off Bethel and have to go out in the "real" world and make a living. Poor baby! Not.

    If they are true followers, they will believe that it's Jehovah's will that the GB has laid them off and they will rest assured that he will take care of them.

    We have two couples in our family that are in Bethel. They have been there since they were in their late 20's and are now in their late 40's. They have spent the last 20 years being the darlings of their local and home congregations. They somehow travel to all sorts of tropical tourist destinations on their meager Bethel earnings and have a worldwide network of connections. If they should be laid off, I'm sure they will be handed jobs and places to stay, from the members congregations where they have contacts.

    They will view this as Jehovah's holy spirit in action but in reality, the same thing happens for anyone who has built up a network of connections, whether it be in ones work career or in ones religious or family circle, when you're in trouble, the more people you know, the more likely someone will be able to offer you assistance.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I feel for them as I feel for fellow human beings it is the big wigs that run the show that I don't give two shit about.
  • Zoos

    We have all had to go through our own version of hell as we woke up and learned TTATT. If the cold hard reality of a Bethel layoff is what it takes to awaken those 1600 and those who audience the spectacle, so be it.

    But I will not have the human in me dictated not to feel bad for them.

  • wifibandit

    Yes, some will gladly accept the reassignment. I've seen that they have already celebrated the last Bethel Breakfast in Argentina.

    I know many a fader, and several exjw activists, who were "sent out" to reg. pioneer. Including me. WT is shooting its self in the foot by sending out all these people who have "seen behind the curtain." These ones know the organisation is run by Men.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    While I agree that we don't have to feel bad for them, I hope we see a lot of them wake up and come here. I will welcome them and give whatever support I can to help them learn, leave, and get on with a fantastic ex-Bethelite, ex-JW life ... like I have.

    I left shortly before the official layoffs began. Some time later, I found my way here and received valuable support and encouragement. Some time later still, I heard that one of the nicer brothers that I'd worked with had been "sent to the field", and fatally shot himself. And just two years ago, a good friend that had been "sent to the field", also killed himself. A week later, a good friend of his also killed himself.

    We all have reason to be angry with the organization, the GB, a Bronze Age desert god, some collection of self-righteous as$ho!es in the org. Please remember that there are plenty of good people that are still held captive in WT. I'd like to see them come out alive and enjoy the freedom and happiness that exists nowhere in JWdom.

    So if any of those bethelites start showing up here, please help me roll out the welcome mat. I received a warm welcome when I came, and I can honestly say that it saved my life.

  • steve2

    But I will not have the human in me dictated not to feel bad for them.

    Of course not. The OP is an antidote to the almost automatic expressed sadness when the ones now being laid off have undoubtedly observed the trickle of layoffs over the years turn into a stream.

    Certainly in recent years, the layoffs have continued so the message is clear: Don't assume you will be a valued member of Bethel and your needs will always be taken care of. When push comes to shove, there are none except the upper levels (GBs, their "Helpers" and legal teams) who are "safe" from, being laid off.

  • Quarterback
    When I was much younger, I remember the Meetings held at the DA's for Bethel service. I remember feeling a sense that I should stay away from that door. I'm so happy that I listened to my feelings back then. Now, I'm retired, with a pension, and have a good life. I remember getting judged from Bethelites for my lifestyle. Once a Bethelite/Missionary told me that I worshipped a Golden Calf. I know there are good people at Bethel. But, the GB should be realistic about it's security
  • fulano

    They will come out stronger, and maybe their eyes will be opened. We left missionary-service, I was 40 years old at that moment. We went back to Europe and after a 4 or 5 months we had our appartement and I was self-employed as a contractor. It is not a big deal to get your own independent life. Work, work, show balls and you will get it. And CARPE DIEM.

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