Should we let 13 yr. old daughter go with JW sisters and husbands?

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  • Robotnomore

    My wife and I resigned from the WTBS last year. We have a 13 yr. old daughter left at home. We have 2 married daughters that have nothing to do with us but want to associate with their little sister. One of them said they wanted to meet us and take her somewhere and then meet back later and bring her back to us.

    Our view is that if we let our youngest daughter see them treat us like s**t then she would think it was alright to do it too. We want them to be able to be together but we also know how the JW's work. Planting their seeds. We don't want her to be influenced at all by the WTBS brainwashing techniques.

    Has anyone else had to deal with a situation like this or have any suggestions that would be of help? Would be very much appreciated.

  • blondie

    Robotnomore, you might find some of the comments on this thread pertinent and interesting.


  • ISP

    Do you want her to marry a 50 yr old elder?!


  • sandy


    First of all, I love your name! So many of you come up with clever names. Why I cannot be so creative I'll never know. LOL, really I love that name!

    Maybe you should tell your daughters if they want to see their little sister they'll have to come to your home. That sounds fair to me. Then we shall see if they truly want to see their sister because they love and miss her or if they just want to impose their beliefs on her. Don't get me wrong I am sure they love her but they love the organization (not God) more.

    My siblings are very much active in the Congregation, I love them dearly. But when they take an interest in me often times it is just to preach to me.

    lf you allow your daughter to go (Nobody would hold it against you) ask them to respect your belief system as you do theirs and not preach to your daughter. Then if they do just tell them due to the fact that you did not respect my wishes, from now on you may only visit your sister in a supervised setting.

    Take Care, and I hope that helps. I know it can be very trying with close family members still involved in the Org.

  • xjw_b12

    RnM. Wife and I have gone through a somewhat similar situation, with our youngest daughter. ( 13 yrs ) Whenever her oldest sister visits us from out of town, she tries to make arrangements to bring her sister over to my wife's parents, who are still entrenched in the org. Our oldest daughter who has never been a practicing JW, sees no problem with it, but in times past, whenever the youngest has returned from a visit, we always "got attitude ". So we put a stop to it.

    They would also take her to the Sunday meeting, and we were concerned about the " brainwashing factor "

    BTW Wife's parents treat us like the plague, but we suspect they think have a chance with our youngest.

    Be very afraid !

    Millions Now Living Will Never Die Know "

  • A Paduan
  • Celia

    Young kids and teenagers are usually in awe of their older siblings, and will listen and accept their views, particularly if they're "cool". The kid will listen and probably accept what the older sibling says. After all, the older brother or sister is still young, he/she knows better than the "old" parents... So be careful.

    But of course, it will all depend on what kind of relationship you have with your 13 year old. If your daughter loves you, respects your opinion and knows that she can count on you, she may not fall for anything the older sister tries to pull....

  • aunthill

    I agree with xjw- "Be afraid, be very, very afraid." Children this age, and she is a child, are entering the rebellious age, and think that the old fogey parents don't know anything. Your older daughters are closer to her age than you are, and she probably thinks they are cool. My suspicion is that the older sisters are looking to continue the brainwashing. Supervised visitation at your home only.

    Let her have a normal life - my kids never did and I sincerely regret that.


  • Buster


    Your down to one remaining child, in more than one sense. That one remaining is the only one with a reasonable chance of a cult-free life. Don't deny her that.

  • Mulan

    Red flag, red flag, red flag, red flag, red flag!!!!!!!

    NO. Don't do it. I suspect they will tell her she has a home with them, if problems arise with Mom and Dad. Courts would likely agree too. We had a similar situation when our second son was 16 and didn't want to be a witness. He ran away to my df'd brother who took him in. The police said we should let him stay because at least it was someone who cared about him. If we brought in the courts, he would likely go to foster care. They would have done something if he wanted out of the home.

    I know what I would have said if I were the older sister, and I was in that situation. I would have done whatever it took to get her out of your home. I agree with the other posters.............supervised visits in your home. If they don't agree, you will know their real motivation.

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